Ready to escape on a romantic getaway? Just imagine… you and your sweetheart watching the sunset over the red sand dunes of the Sahara, sipping a glass of Bordeaux in the vineyards of Bordeaux itself, or following a scenic waterside path to the famed coastal resort of Portofino. If you’re ready for some quality time together, here are 11 of the best destinations for romance.

Italian village on a lake.
Italian Lakes

Since the Roman emperors, these gracious waterside resorts have drawn visitors. The climate is mild, loaded with the vibrant colors of Alpine wildflowers and lush semi-tropical gardens. Your footpaths sometimes traverse mountaintop meadows and often hug the crystal clear waters. Nowhere else does stunning scenery, mellow air, and rich history come together with such romantic results.

Istria small town in Croatia

Slovenia & Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula

Slovenia and Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula are two of the great under-the-radar screen destinations in all of Europe. These unspoiled next-door lands sit right at the top of the Adriatic Sea just east of Venice, the scenery is so insanely perfect that you don’t want the walks to end. Imagine walking hand-in-hand through vineyards rolling into olive groves sweeping to the Adriatic. Moroccan encampment at night


For most people, Morocco is a top bucket list destination. From soaring sand dunes to dramatic coastlines and fantastically frenetic market squares—there’s no question why Morocco has been a top 10 bucket list place year after year.

A french cottage in the countryside

Bordeaux and the Dordogne Valley

Everything you’ll love best about France is abundant in the scenic southwest: Great wine. Great history. Great culture. And the lifestyle? Think of yourself at one of the loveliest inns you’ve ever discovered, strolling by your 13th-century millpond before dining on a country stew and crème brûlée by candlelight.

View from Santorini overlooking the ocean

The Greek Isles

Ahhh the Greek Isles… walk amid vineyards and olive groves. Have a “pinch-yourself” moment waking to a view of Santorini’s incredible shimmering blue sea. Take a mule ride down to the water’s edge for a boat trip out into the crater of the volcano.  Yes, this is your real life!

women in Cinque Terre
Tuscany and the Cinque Terre

Picture the two of you wine-tasting on the grounds of a castle, wandering through the streets of towering hill towns, jumping to the head of the line to see Michelangelo’s David and exploring colorful villages along the Italian Riviera.

Pena National Palace at Sunset, Portugal

Get some much-needed R & R in regal Portugal, where you’ll feel like royalty. Taste Port at a family-owned Douro Valley vineyard, walk the dramatic Atlantic coast from Cabo da Roca and luxuriate in some of Portugal’s most historic (and luxurious) hotels.

A small rocky cove in Europe.
Barcelona and the Costa Brava

When we asked our guides how to describe Catalonia to you, they said: “Tell them we are Tuscany, only better.” The chic avenues of Barcelona…a dip in the Mediterranean at a private resort on the Costa Brava…the Moorish-accented culture. And did you know about the vivid flavors of Catalan cuisine?

Coastal View of Capri, Italy
Amalfi Coast and Capri

Unlike most visitors, you’ll see Amalfi in the best way. You’ll walk seaside trails past magnificent villas, enjoy authentic dinners after the day-trippers leave, peer into the caldera of Mount Vesuvius and so much more.

Costa Rice Man and Woman walking.

Costa Rica

You expect paradise to be beautiful. But who knew it was so much fun? If you’re looking for a little thrill mixed with romance, Costa Rica blends adventure and nature like nowhere else.

Pont du Gard Aqueduct in Provence, France

Practice saying: “We’re vacationing in the south of France this year.” As romantic as it sounds, it’s even better in real life. Think quiet country trails that wind through cherry orchards beneath rustic perched villages. In season, purple ribbons of lavender drape the hills. This is Provence at its purest, and you will never forget it.