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What are great hotels worth to you?

A hotel lobby in Spain.

When you’re planning a vacation, there’s no easier way to compare your options than by looking at the hotels they include.

Offering Top-Rated Accommodations

At Classic Journeys, we win that contest time and again. Some nights, it’s because of our coveted 5-star properties that regularly appear in “World’s Best” and “Top 100” rankings. Other nights, it might be the utterly authentic French farmhouse or a too-scenic-to-believe rainforest lodge. On itinerary after itinerary, they’re the same or superior to accommodations you’ll find on other companies’ tours that cost as much as 20-40% more than ours.

How Can We Offer Hotel Luxury for Less?

The answer is really simple. Classic Journeys doesn’t mark up the cost of hotels as much as other companies do. What’s more, with a hand from our local guides, we spend years cultivating warm personal relationships with hoteliers. That means that in many cases, we’re able to obtain lower rates than bigger companies that throw their weight around in negotiations. And it doesn’t hurt that smaller inns and lodges particularly appreciate the quality of our guests—genial, experienced travelers who appreciate the unique character of their lodgings.

Belize Ambergris Caye Victoria House.

The Traits You Value Most in a Hotel

We choose all accommodations for the way they reflect the style and hospitality of a region. All rooms include private baths. As often as possible, we spend two or more nights in each location, so you can settle in a bit. Often, each room is unique. After all, it’s hard to create cookie-cutter rooms in converted abbeys, Mediterranean villas, and rainforest lodges. If there’s a hotel in the heart of a nature preserve, within view of the Taj Mahal or clinging to the cliffs in Santorini, we’ll find it.

Chile Santiago Singular Hotel.

The Luxury Extends to Solo Travelers, Too.

Classic Journeys has the lowest single supplements you’re likely to find anywhere. Just as important, we arrange accommodations that are “doubles for single use” so that you can have as much space as everyone else and get full advantage of all every property has to offer.

A Few of Our Favorite Properties

These are just a sampling. On every itinerary page, you’ll find a “Tour Hotels” tab. Click it to get details about the properties for the destination you’re considering.​


What Our Guests Are Saying

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