Group & Corporate Luxury Tours

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Handcrafted Travel Experiences for Groups

A rich, unique, branded travel experience from Classic Journeys is the ideal way to strengthen ties to your valuable clients, reward high performing business colleagues, or show gratitude to generous donors. Our deep experience in regions all over the world makes Classic Journeys the perfect starting point for organizations that offer special-interest tours. Our team can customize any of our existing itineraries to your needs. Or we’ll create a unique corporate travel experience from scratch — complete with the services of local guides and specialized experts, exceptional lodgings and memorable cultural experiences.

Our small-group approach to travel is ideal for such groups because we can provide a very tailored experience, and the economics of the tours work quite well for 10, 20, 30 or more travelers, although our tours can be structured to accommodate any number of guests you anticipate.

Quality that elevates your brand

You want the travel experience that you present to your guests to polish your brand and prove your commitment to quality. So it makes good business sense to partner with Classic Journeys, a leader in award-winning travel since 1995. Travel + Leisure named us the World’s Best Tour Operator. National Geographic Adventure, Saveur and Forbes magazines recognize us for the quality of our programs. You can bank on our reputation for quality.

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Curated group itineraries to differentiate you from competition

You fight a constant battle to outshine your competitors, and the incentive program we create guarantees that you will. Let the other guys settle for off-the-shelf packages and recycled solutions from local travel planners. The Classic Journeys team builds every program from scratch — whether it’s inspired by one of our award-winning itineraries or your personal wish list. No competitor and no other travel company have ever offered the trip we will run on your behalf.

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If you’d like to make changes to our itinerary, just give us your wish list. Whether you customize or not, you get great cultural experiences, the services of a local guide, and the fine accommodations and food you expect from Classic Journeys. Plus, you also have the luxury of traveling on your own terms without worrying about logistics or shepherding your group.

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A strict eye on value and ROI

Doing incentive travel right can be expensive. Doing it wrong can cost even more. Classic Journeys has active ongoing relationships with a vast array of local guides, hotels, chefs, artisans, outfitters, and more all around the world. We regularly negotiate with them to secure optimum pricing for premium treatment for the thousands of guests who travel with us. We leverage this broad buying power on your behalf to secure pricing that suits your budget and assures a reliable return on investment.

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Over-the-top group travel experiences

What can we do to win the whole-hearted admiration of your guests? The sky is really the limit! We offer experiences from riding camels to a luxury Saharan encampment to survivor-type games on a private island, from a lavish dinner celebration punctuated by a private fireworks display to skeet shooting at an estate in Ireland. We build in time for walks and explorations that get you and your guests away from your cell phones. And, of course, we include remarkable 5-star accommodations and some of the world’s finest cuisine.

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Scalable but always personal

Our incentive travel programs can be scaled to groups of any size, from less than a dozen to 100 or more. Our specialty is in orchestrating the experiences so that your guests join an ever-changing set of smaller groups. That way they never feel like a horde of motorcoach tourists. They’re able to come face-to-face with local people and explore sites for wonderfully memorable moments. That approach brings the whole experience down to the personal level, so it’s also easier for you and your team to interact with your guests and deepen your relationships.

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Intensive service every inch of the way

We appreciate that your program entails thousands of decisions, responsibilities far above and beyond your daily job description. Never fear. Our team of passionate travel experts is here to make your life easier at every step. From our first conversation, through trip design, reservations and the actual trip itself, we’ll be with you to provide intensive personal service that frees you from logistics and assures you a successful event.

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Easy planning and promotion

When you work with Classic Journeys, we coordinate every detail including site research and selection, program planning, registration, travel management, full-time guides and tour leaders. We’ll create promotional messages, branded items and eye-catching invitations to engage your guests. Throughout the pre-travel period, we will also launch a custom web portal dedicated to your program with all relevant info such as flight details, any options you wish to offer, a direct link for managing email questions, and more.

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Request a detailed proposal

To get started, call 800.200.3887 or email us with the size of your group, your goals for the incentive program and your preferred destination. From the top, we’ll treat your program as more than a vacation – with a proposal that addresses your objectives to build camaraderie and loyalty among your guests, outlines our A-to-Z logistical support, and makes a solid business case for partnering with Classic Journeys.

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