Couples & Friends Luxury Tours

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Travel with Friends, New or Old

When you set out to plan your vacation, who’s on the short list of people you want exploring with you? Is it your spouse… partner… significant other… or best friend? Maybe it’s a group of friends. Join us. Classic Journeys itineraries feature small groups and authentic experiences. With an average of just 10 guests per departure, our groups can slip discreetly into the smallest village where our local guides know everybody… from vintners to tribal chieftains to truffle hunters. Their friends become yours as you travel through the scenic countryside and historic villages, staying in the region’s most distinctive inns and hotels.

Our Bucket Runneth Over

It’s a funny thing about bucket lists. The theory is that you cross items off until it’s empty and the end is near. Maybe you’re like us and your bucket list never gets shorter. You watch sunrise at Angkor Wat with the monks and then Iceland or Alaska pop up to lure you with the Northern Lights. You check off midnight in the Moroccan Sahara, and suddenly a new need to swim with sea lions in the Galapagos rushes in to fill the vacuum. Or maybe you just want to walk footpaths with iconic names like The Inca Trail in Peru or The Path of the Gods along the Amalfi Coast.

The World is Your Onion

Is there anything more fun than peeling back the layers of a place you visit on vacation? While tourists skim their way from A to B, you like to get under the skin of a culture to truly understand what it’s all about. One of the best ways to unwrap a destination is to really get out into the environment and enjoy it. That might be on one of our multisport trips with a variety of activities offered during the week or ending the day on one of our walking tours with a soak in thermal waterfalls heated by a nearby volcano.

Travel with Whomever, Whenever

Have something specific in mind that you or your people want to see or do? Share it with us. We put the “custom” in custom journeys. Other companies often appropriate the approach created by Henry Ford (“Any color you want as long as it’s black.”) so that you can choose any tour you want as long as it follows their normal itinerary. When you choose Classic Journeys, you can join a published trip date, turn an itinerary you love into a private trip, create a more specialized version of one of our itineraries, or even create a totally unique adventure.

Ready to Start Planning Your Adventure?

Our Trip Finder can sort trips by destination, activities, travel dates and more. Or get started on a private trip by telling us your wish list. Want to talk to the friendliest, most well-connected travel people anywhere?  Give us a ring at 1-800-200-3887. Just like you, we’re travelers, not tourists. And we can’t wait to show you the world in Classic Journeys’ style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Answers to all your questions, except that one.

Couples + Friends Tours

What kind of experiences can I expect on a Classic Journeys itinerary?

At Classic Journeys, we are proud to offer the most culturally rich and authentic walking tours in the world. We explore the world’s most cinematic and inspiring destinations on tours that feature curated walks, handcrafted itineraries, expert local guides, small groups, enchanting accommodations, eating like (& with) the locals, and regenerative travel. Joining us foot at eye level, you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy unbeatable access to experiences with people, cultures and places simply not available to other travelers.

How many guests are typically in a group?

In our small tour group (just 10 -12 guests on average and no more than 18 total), we typically have a mix of solo travelers, couples, and friends or family members traveling together.

Do you offer private trips for couples or groups of friends?

Yes! When you book one of our private tours, every aspect of the trip is tailored to you and your travel companions. That might mean taking over a historic villa for a big family reunion, a once in a lifetime culinary trip for just you and your child, or anything else—your wish is our command. A private walking tour is a lot easier to arrange than you think. Get started with the planning as Our Travel Experience team are experts at making it all seamless and turnkey for you.

What destinations are available for Couples & Friends tours?

Classic Journeys has become known as the world’s finest walking tour company, and  travelers choose us because we have a knack for helping them explore iconic places in new, better and more immersive ways. You can check out all of our trip destinations here.

What activities are available on the tours?

We balance all of our adventures with spectacularly scenic walks and immersive cultural experiences where you can get to know the locals. This includes dining with (and like) the locals, staying in perfectly sited accommodations to easily explore the area, and being in the company of an expert local guide. The daily itinerary for your trip with have more details for you.

Can the activities be adjusted for different fitness levels?

We’re happy to calibrate activities for travelers of all ages and fitness levels. If you or a traveling companion prefers to sit one out, we’ll offer you options for that, too. Just let us know in your pre-trip documents and we will communicate your preferences to your local guide.

What kind of accommodations can I expect?

Your accommodations add to your explorations because of the way they reflect the style and hospitality of a region. Additionally, you’ll spend two or more nights in each location, so you can settle in a bit. Often, each room is unique. After all, it’s hard to create cookie-cutter rooms in converted abbeys, Mediterranean villas, and medieval palaces. If there’s a hotel in the heart of a nature preserve, within view of the Taj Mahal or clinging to the cliffs in Santorini, we’ve got it, so you can enjoy it.

Are the tours physically demanding?

On your walking tour, you’ll spend part of each morning and afternoon with your feet on the ground, getting up close to the region’s culture and natural history. Your walks might include a village tour, a seaside stroll, or a local guide’s favorite path through an oasis, vineyard, or red rock canyon. Walking is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a local culture. When you’re on foot, the world can’t slide past you faster than you can absorb.

How can I contact Classic Journeys for more information to book my tour?

It’s easy to make a reservation on one of our walking tours. Simply call us toll free at 1-800-200-3887 or click the “book now” button located on the trip page to reserve online. We’ll ask you for a few quick pieces of information and a deposit following our Terms & Conditions.

What is included on a Classic Journeys walking tour?

Included in your walking tour are luxury accommodations with our signature invisible check-in, transportation around your destination, a knowledgeable local guide, entry to attractions, national parks, etc as well as the meals that are indicated on your trip itinerary.

Who will be my tour guide?

There is simply no better way to discover a place than in the company of a well-connected friend. That’s how you’ll feel about the local guides who are your companions every step of the way on every one of our Cultural Walking Adventures. Our expert local guides are there full-time for you, every step of the way. Before departing for your trip, we’ll send you their contact information and a brief bio so you are ready to meet them in-country.