Family Luxury Tours

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The World’s Best Family Tours

Explore, Experience, Engage & Enlarge Their World.

What generation gap? Our handcrafted itineraries are carefully curated to satisfy the curiosity, energy levels, and attention spans of all age groups. You’ll never have to sacrifice your pleasure to keep the younger generation happy, and vice versa. With Classic Journeys, you can experience all of the fun and none of the hassle. Spend your precious time together making memories that you’ll talk about for years.

The best local tour guides for families

Our expert local guides quickly become everyone’s new best friends. They are descendants of Vikings and presidents, artists, changemakers, and year-round residents in the destination you’re visiting. Often parents themselves, our smart, intuitive, and inspiring guides understand the interests of kids, teens, and adults. On plenty of occasions, kids and teens are able to go on their carefully chaperoned way, and you’ll have generous time for adult-focused activities like wine tastings, longer walks, and gourmet dinners.

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Give children the gift of travel

Raise global citizens with diverse experiences and a worldwide perspective. Meet children at a school in Peru, make music with Moroccan Berber tribes, lunch with the indigenous Embera tribe in Panama. Your family can bond while stargazing with Wyoming cowboys, hiking receding glaciers in Iceland, or watching the Northern Lights in Alaska. When you return home, you’ll all have a renewed appreciation for the world around you (and lots of travel stories to share with friends).

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Kids Get A Price Break

When sharing a room with two full-paying guests, kids and teens ages 11-16 receive a $500 discount*; ages 7-10 receive a $750 discount*; ages 3-6 receive a $1250 discount*, and ages 2 and younger receive a $1750 discount*. When sharing a room with one full-paying guest, kids receive a $250 discount.*

*Kid discounts are not applicable on tour extensions, river cruising, or private tours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question that isn't listed here in our FAQ section? Drop us a line so we can help!

Handcrafted family vacation packages

What are the best family vacation destinations in the world?

The Galapagos – Imagine snorkeling with turtles, watching sea lions up close, and getting to meet giant land tortoises.

USA – There are endless opportunities to explore nature and National Parks, from desert to glaciers and islands to mountains.

Costa Rica – Spot active wildlife, explore a volcano, and zip line over a jungle.

Iceland – Learn about exciting Viking history, myths and legends of trolls and giants, volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers and more.

Morocco – Ride camels, stay in a desert encampment, and explore ancient Medinas.

What are the best family vacations by age?

Kids and tweens aged 10-15: Galapagos, Alaska, Costa Rica, Amalfi, South Africa

Teens and young adults aged 15+ years: Peru + Machu Picchu, Bryce, Grand Canyon + Zion, Vietnam, Laos + Cambodia, Iceland, Morocco

Where can I find family vacation ideas?

Read through different family itineraries for destinations all over the world—they’re full of inspiring ideas planned to please every generation. Family travel blogs are filled with all kinds of advice and ideas from planning to packing and different destinations. You’ll also find plenty of stories from parents who’ve taken our trips.

How do I plan a family vacation?

  1. Browse all of our family programs or expand out to our multisport trips to see which will check off your bucket list
  2. Download the daily itinerary for any trips that interest you, directly from the tour page on our website
  3. Questions? Email us with your wish list and questions, or phone our expert Travel Experience Specialists at 800-200-3887 to chat in person.
  4. If you like the trip as is in our itinerary, the pricing and dates are right there for you to select.
  5. Reserve your trip of a lifetime with a deposit.

What does a family tour include?

Family tours with Classic Journeys include:

  • Local English-speaking tour guide
  • Transfers
  • Luxury hotels with invisible check-in
  • Meals (with wine for grown-ups)
  • Private access events
  • Activities

How can I give experiences instead of gifts?

Scientific evidence tells us that people appreciate experiences more than material gifts. So book a family tour that everybody can enjoy together. This is a popular choice with our guests who want to gift a loved one something unforgettable for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or graduation. They tell us time and time again that the enriching experiences and lasting memories form a far better gift than any material goods.

What activities can you enjoy as a family?

These are just a few of the bucket list experiences you can enjoy on a family vacation with Classic Journeys.

Can I book a private family vacation?

Yes! When you book one of our private tours, every aspect of the trip is tailored to your family, and you’ll travel exclusively with your brood. That might mean taking over a historic villa for a big family reunion, a once in a lifetime trip for just you and your child, or anything else—your wish is our command. A private tour is a lot easier to arrange than you think. Get started with the planning of a private family vacation here. Our Travel Experience team is expert at making it all seamless and turnkey for you.

I am a single parent, will a family tour work for me?

Yes, absolutely. Our sociable family tours are perfect for single parents traveling with kids, teens, and even young adults. Your children can enjoy exploring with other people around their age on the tour, and you’ll have the company of other parents. It’s the perfect balance of quality time together with your family and getting to know new-found friends–all in an incredible location.

Can I bring the grandparents on a guided tour?

Yes! Our tours are designed with all generations in mind. So whether you are 8, 18, 48, or 80, you can be sure to find activities that will engage you, people, that will inspire you, and places to explore that will make your bucket list come alive. And our amazing local guides are experts at engaging all generations, interests, and abilities. In fact, that’s one of the reasons that multigenerational families choose to plan their perfect family vacations and family reunions with Classic Journeys.