Costa Rica Adventure Tours

Monkeys in Costa Rica
A woman ziplinig.
Monkey in Costa Rica
Jungle in costa rica.
Jungle in Costa Rica.
White water rafting in Costa Rica.
Baby turtles in the Galapagos
Smoking volcanco in Costa Rica.

Get a buzz from the best Costa Rica adventure tours!

You don’t have to be a bird-watcher to get a buzz when a hummingbird lands on your hand. Costa Rica touches you in all kinds of ways. It’s the most bio-diverse country anywhere, the land where eco-tourism was born. Our spectrum of Costa Rica tour packages takes you from the stunning beaches and Cloud Forest of Manuel Antonio Park to the natural hot springs surrounding Arenal Volcano – with adventure activities, wildlife viewing, and plenty of relaxation in between. You’ll meet the native ticos and residents of Afro-Caribbean villages, have mind-bending eco-experiences with our local guides and naturalists, and enjoy the most relaxing active vacation ever. Because Costa Rica is temperate and easily accessible from the U.S., you can join us in almost any season – and it’s a fantastic spur-of-the-moment getaway. It’s the pura vida lifestyle at its finest.