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    11 Spas That Will Rub You The Right Way

    “Wait! I think my calves are a little tight after that last stretch of the Inca Trail.” “I’m pretty sure I feel a twinge in my neck after staring up at those temples in the Bhutanese Himalayas.” “It’s Thursday, right?” Trust me, I don’t need much of an excuse to schedule a massage when I’m on vacation. A little extra indulgence is just the ticket on top of a decadent day of exploring wondrous places and eating well and hanging out with truffle hunters or shepherds. So bring on the hot lava stones, the aromatherapy mist and whatever sea salt, therapeutic mud or exotic technique is the local specialty. Herewith, 11 of our favorite places to put your happy traveler’s body into the hands of some of the world’s most accomplished massage therapists.

    1. Post-Inca Trail Pampering

  • Best Winter Family Vacations

    Soon enough, school will be out for the holiday season. And with it, parents and grandparents everywhere will be looking for a way to gather the whole clan together on a family-friendly winter escape. Whether you’re looking for cultural immersion with interesting locals and sites, adventure travel that elevates everyone’s heart rates, or multisport options to keep it fresh every day, the travel experts at Classic Journeys have compiled a list of the top vacation options for families to help you make the most of your time off. So, gather the family over dinner and have everyone vote for their favorite activity and destination.

    BELIZE AND GUATEMALA — A luxury eco-adventure taken to beautiful extremes. Walk through rainforests teeming with birds and animals. Climb to the top of Mayan ruins at Tikal. Snorkel and kayak over the colorful coral gardens from your private catamaran.

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    Gearing Up For Holiday Travel

    With Labor Day only just behind us, it’s easy to linger in the memory of summer. But if you’re thinking of traveling during this upcoming holiday season, you may want to ramp up your efforts. Recent studies have shown that international travel is best booked at least two months in advance. Couple that with the fact that the holiday season is often one of the busiest, and that means the time to book is now to guarantee availability and low-hassle. Are you long on desire but short on ideas? At Classic Journeys, we’re full of options to ensure holiday traveling is fun, exciting and, most of all, easy. 




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