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  • Rekjavik

    Best Places to Eat & Drink in Reykjavik

    While many visitors to Iceland use Reykjavik as a jumping-off point for their adventures out in the Arctic wilderness, it is no mere base camp. It’s a vibrant, thoroughly modern city, with fantastic restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Although Reykjavik has experienced some incredible transformation over the past decade, those looking for a uniquely Icelandic dining experience needn’t worry—smoked reindeer is still on the menus of even the fanciest restaurants. We asked Classic Journeys' Iceland Guides Atli and Kommi (both native Icelanders who’ve spent plenty of time in Reykjavik) to give us some recommendations.


  • Irish Food

    6 Authentic Irish Meals

    Quick: if someone asked you to name an Irish food, what’s the first dish that comes to mind? If you’re like most Americans, you’re going to say “corned beef and cabbage”. And technically speaking, you’d be wrong. Among food historians, it’s widely agreed that while corned beef has its roots in Ireland, the Irish themselves rarely ate it... and still don’t. These days it’s one of the cheaper cuts of meat, yet Irish corned beef producers in the 18th and 19th centuries exported nearly all of it since most people back then couldn't afford it. So, if you’re traveling to Ireland for the first time, don’t bother asking for corned beef and cabbage, unless you want to get a good laugh from your Irish hosts. 

    With that said, there’s some terrific food to be found in Ireland. One does involve boiled meat and cabbage, and this is the one that I like to make on St. Patrick’s Day! It's both a tip of my hat to my Irish grandmother and a sign of respect for authentic Irish cooking.

  • Susana_Female Guide Hero

    10 Female Tour Guides from Around the World

    In honor of International Woman's Day, we're highlighting our female trip leaders from around the world! At the heart of every tour is your experienced local guide. From exploring glaciers in the Rockies with Rosemary to caravaning through the Sahara with Saida, these women are more than map-readers and spouters of statistics. They are colorful, caring personalities who are genuine and as sunny as they are sincere. As your cultural hosts, they will open doors and help you see their world through their eyes. So, let's introduce you to these amazing ladies and learn what they love about guiding tours on their home turf...



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