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  • Horseshoe Bend Glen Canyon

    Pro-tips to avoid the crowds this summer

    After what feels like forever spent sheltering in place, traveling somewhere for a change of scenery has become more appealing than ever. We’ve had ample time to scour old travel photos for places we want to revisit, and build bucket lists of dream destinations—near and far—to visit in the new normal.

    That new normal is gradually emerging, but with many hotels and National Parks reopening just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend, daunting reports have been flooding in, complaining about a surge of travellers, packed-out parking lots, lines hours-long and crowded trails. 

  • Sleep

    Your Best Sleep — Tips from Hotel Experts

    Sometimes, counting sheep doesn’t cut it. Maybe it’s jet-lag. Maybe something’s on your mind. Or maybe there’s no sensical reason whatsoever, falling asleep just feels frustratingly far from achievable. And when you do drift off, you don’t stay asleep. You’re not alone, the National Initiative for Tracking and Evaluating Sleeplessness at the University of Pennsylvania shares that 35% or more of Americans suffer from insomnia. 

    The Sleep Foundation tells us that insomnia is caused by high levels of stress, anxiety or depression. Drugs or alcohol abuse contribute to it also. Time is of the essence. According to the UPenn study, even two to four weeks of insomnia can increase the risk of depression and interfere with your ability to recover from it.

  • Ulisse

    Italy Emerges From Coronavirus: "Italy has reopened for business"

    A sixth generation Neapolitan and second-generation Classic Journeys guide, Ulisse lives in Naples with his wife, Anna, and their son, Lorenzo. An award-winning tour leader following in the footsteps of his iconic father, Sergio, Ulisse has been guiding travelers around his beloved southern Italy for more than a decade. He also was the first intern in the Classic Journeys office in La Jolla 20 years ago. In the wake of Italy’s Coronavirus outbreak, Ulisse has taken his role to a new level, as our man on the street, keeping us posted on how life in Italy is being impacted by COVID-19. This post follows Ulisse's previous updates 123 and 4.

    "Bentornato amico mio!" (Welcome back, my friend!)



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