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  • Go to Cuba legally

    Go to Cuba Legally. But Go Now!

    You can still samba on the sidewalks of Cienfuegos. You can still show your family what it’s like to live on a salary of $32 a month. You can still cool off with a daiquiri at Hemingway’s favorite bar. Maybe you’ve heard that travel to Cuba is a thing of the past since the Trump administration announced new rules in September. No more cruises! (True.) No more self-directed travel! (True.) No more people-to-people trips of the kind handcrafted by Classic Journeys! (Wait … that one is false. Read on to see why.)

  • Guided solo travel

    One is Fun...and Easily Done

    Just wrap your head around this statistic: More than 30% of the guests who vacation with Classic Journeys are solo travelers. In other words, you’re not alone if you’ve contemplated taking a vacation as the proverbial “party of one.” You’re part of a bona fide trend. Sometimes, one is the happiest number.

    After all, why should you give up on a bucket-list dream just because you’re the only person you know who’s interested in Iceland in December? (It’s amazing by the way, and you won’t be sorry.) Should you stay at home just because you don’t have a travel companion with the time and inclination to keep you company while you swim with penguins in the Galápagos?

  • Peru guided tour

    Peru: Guided Tour vs. Unguided

    Marco Polo had this debate. Odysseus, too. Not to mention a few hundred generations of travelers like you who have pondered whether or not to tackle the world on their own or to engage an experienced guide to pave the way. The cut-yourself-loose approach works for some people in some destinations and circumstances. On the other hand, explorers as intrepid as Lewis and Clark have long doubled-down by trusting their expeditions to experienced and trustworthy local guides. 

    Just once, wouldn’t it be interesting to travel in parallel dimensions to the same place and see how the two approaches would play out? Here’s your chance! Recently, two friends of Classic Journeys took long-anticipated vacations in Peru. Nicole and her husband joined our Peru and Machu Picchu trip, while Amy and her best friend decided to tackle the country on their own. 



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