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    11 Romantic Vacation Ideas: Find the Perfect Love for You

    What kind of lover are you?

    Find just the perfect travel destination to pair with your love. Are you an animal lover? A food lover? Art? History? Culture? Architecture? Scenery? Wine? Whatever kind of lover you are, turn your love into an experience that you’ll never forget in these heart-stopping locations. Here are the 11 most romantic vacations:

  • India Festivals Holi Festival

    India Festivals You Must Experience for Yourself

    There are plenty of reasons to visit India. From the beautiful landscapes to the food to the classic architecture, India is rightly considered a top destination for adventurous travelers. India festivals are an excellent way to experience every facet of India’s vibrant culture. India is a deeply spiritual country, and religious festivals are a central part of the Indian lifestyle. But although most of India’s festivals have a religious significance, they are far from somber affairs. When Indians gather to celebrate, the results can be truly spectacular – the feasts, dancing, music and decorative colors are unlike anything you’re likely to encounter anywhere else. 

    There are numerous festivals in India held throughout the year. Most Indian festivals have ties to the Hindu religion, and typically celebrate Hindi gods or prominent figures from religious stories. Some festivals feature some fairly unusual and exciting traditions – one highlight of the festival of Krishna Janmashtami is a competition of sorts, in which men form large human pyramids in an attempt to reach and smash clay pots hanging from tall buildings.  Certain cities have favorite festivals; in Kolkata, the festival known as Durja Puja is the most popular, with each of its nine days representing one of the nine human forms of the Mother Goddess Durja. But there are two India festivals that truly stand out, and are well worth planning a trip around. Holi Festival and the Pushkar Camel Fair both offer amazing experiences for India visitors. And while there are some similarities, the two are very different and equally enticing.

  • Airport traveler

    Window or Aisle? Experts Sound Off on Popular Travel Debates

    The team here at Classic Journeys is passionate about travel. Perhaps at times resolutely passionate – particularly when it applies to our strongly-held opinions and preferences when traveling. 

    After racking up thousands of airline miles collectively each year, who can blame us? It has taken many flights, unexpected surprises and trips that went off without a hitch to perfect our travel routines, and now that we have them down pat, we rarely stray.



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