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  • Travel in the age of COVID: US National Parks

    Travel is an enormous part of my life. As the head of travel experience at Classic Journeys, when I’m not talking to guests about their travels, I’m joining them—on small tours, big corporate trips and everything in between. In my personal life, after a trip to Fiji with my mom at age 13, I’ve spent every moment I can exploring the world, from living in Japan and France to visiting around 40 other countries, from Turkey to Tahiti. 

    Like all travel-lovers, I’ve felt an ache to get out and see the world even more than usual since the moment the COVID stay home-orders were announced. And that ache has been building. To fill the void, I did a lot of armchair travel. I organized photos from past adventures—trekking with tribes in Papua New Guinea, hitchhiking in Jordan, and hiking to the Everest base camp in Nepal. I recreated recipes from Classic Journeys cooking classes in Thailand and Tuscany. And I took amazing virtual tours of National Parks, which reminded me that as much as I love flying to faraway places, there are all kinds of amazing places right here in the U.S. that I hadn’t seen yet, or for many years. 

  • Hotel Villa Le Barone "a house open to friends"

    Not all hoteliers can claim to be members of the Italian aristocracy... But at Chianti's charming Villa la Barone, they can. Corso and Jacqueline—AKA Conte & Contessa Aloisi de Larderel—have been delighting Classic Journeys guests in their historic hotel for over a decade. 

    With the help of our Tuscany tour guide, Luciano, and the wonders of the internet, our president and founder, Edward Piegza sat down for a Zoom catch up with Corso and Jacqueline. 

  • Famous wine and cheese destinations you can visit now

    Wine and cheese. The culinary duo has been enjoyed for hundreds of years and nothing makes them more delicious or memorable than tasting them as you travel.

    Italy, France and Spain—which make half the world’s wine—might be off the menu for the time being. But maybe that means it’s time to turn your taste buds to something new.



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