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  • Amalfi Coastline, Italy

    At Home with Sergio & Ulysses

    You have to love a father who names his son Ulysses. My friend Sergio and his opera-singer wife christened their only child in honor of history’s most epic traveler. “They wanted to embed wanderlust in me,” laughs Ulysses. When I asked Sergio if it was true, he confirmed the family tale with a trademark mustachioed smile that his fan club of Classic Journeys guests would recognize instantly.

    Almost 25 years ago, Sergio met us in his native Naples to scout our very first Classic Journeys’ trip to the Amalfi Coast. In our debut year, Amalfi was one of just six itineraries we offered. Every year since, it’s been one of the most popular trips, and Sergio has been with us all the way. As a teenager, Ulysses (his name is Ulisse in Italian, but he prefers the English pronunciation) interned in our office in California. Over the last 16 years, we were almost as proud as his father to watch him become an accomplished guide for several companies, one of which named him their European tour leader of the year multiple times. He’s been one of our most popular local guides for a decade or so, and with the upcoming birth of his first child, we like to think the third generation is on the way!

  • Colorful Sunset in Highlands, Scotland

    8 Must-Do Experiences in Scotland

    The Scottish Highlands offer a wide-range of beautiful scenery and unique opportunities. Great heather-covered moors roll into a broad, blue horizon. Ruined castles stand watch over silvery lochs. There’s a wonderful wildness to it all. But for all of that sweep and solitude, it’s the close-ups of local life that we remember the most. You’ll meet the shepherd whose choreographed collies steer a flock with fluid grace. We walk with a naturalist along a windswept North Sea Estuary famous for its salmon runs. And we’ll also introduce you to fascinating folks like the cashmere weavers of Elgin...the whisky aficionados at an artisanal distillery... and the groundskeepers who manicure a 600-year-old golf course to within a micron of perfection. Throughout, you’ll spend your nights in lovely country house hotels, and enjoy a wide range of walks from canal towpaths to Edinburgh’s lively High Street. We suspect you’ll join our honorary clan of travelers who count the Scottish Highlands as one of their favorite destinations ever.


  • Amazon Prime Day for Travelers

    Our Guide to Amazon Prime Day for Travelers

    Buckle up, folks! The hours are dwindling for this year's Amazon Prime Day's 48-hour sale, and now is the perfect opportunity to stock up on your newest travel essentials. Before you start the shopping marathon, be sure to sign up for an Amazon Prime free 30-day trial account if you're not already a member in order to reap the benefits. As the deals roll in, we'll help you save some time scrolling endlessly and point you towards some of our favorite travel accessories listed on Amazon for your next adventure with Classic Journeys

    Luggage: The perfect quality suitcase is hard to come by and can change your travel experience for the better! Check out these deals on luggage sets: 

    • Samsonite Luggage Sets: Save up to 70% on these quality suitcases—ranging from hardside, softside, and multiple-piece sets—you can bet a few of us have this one in our carts.
    • AmazonBasics Expandable Suitcase: Save 30% on this basic suitcase with a built-in TSA lock. It comes in three different sizes and is built to last for the long-haul!



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