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  • Ceviche

    Tastes of Latin America: Whose Ceviche Is Best?

    If you’ve spent any time in Latin America, you know that the nearly every country, from as far north as Mexico to as far south as Tierra del Fuego in Chile, brags about their ceviche, with several claiming it as their national dish. At Classic Journeys, we travel on our stomachs. And with trips throughout Central and South America, we’ve tasted every ceviche recipe and had every one of our fiercely proud local guides explain with great passion why their ceviche recipes are the best. 

    Typically made from fresh raw fish cured in lemon or lime juice, and spiced with ají, chili peppers and seasonings that often include onions, salt, and coriander, ceviche is not cooked and so must be prepared and eaten fresh. (So truly sea to table). We love that it is usually accompanied by side dishes that are very local to the place where you are eating it, such as sweet potato, corn, avocado, or banana. And even better, it’s truly a window into cultures, as the origin is hotly debated up and down the Pacific coast of Latin America. 

  • Social distancing

    ROMEOS and Social Distancing

    They call themselves ROMEOS—Retired Old Men Eating Out Sometimes—and one of them is actually the father of our Guest Services Manager here at Classic Journeys. Unable to go out for their weekly breakfast together, they took matters in their own hands and decided to find a way to still get together safely, using tape measures to literally ensure safe social distancing.

    A neighbor spotted them, took a photo and posted it. And it became a viral sensation, gathering tens of thousands of likes.  

  • South Africa airplane

    We Got The Last Flight Out Of Cape Town

    “The song Should I Stay or Should I Go became the soundtrack of our trip,” Sally Palmer says of the South Africa vacation that she and her husband, Joe, returned from on March 21st. The lyrics and melody of the 1981 hit by The Clash ran through their minds each day of their long-planned holiday with Classic Journeys, as COVID-19-related closings and travel bans ratcheted up with lightning speed from their March 15th arrival onwards. In retrospect, the five days that the couple spent in South Africa marked a major turning point of the global pandemic. 



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