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  • Ulisse

    Italy Emerges From Coronavirus: "Italy has reopened for business"

    A sixth generation Neapolitan and second-generation Classic Journeys guide, Ulisse lives in Naples with his wife, Anna, and their son, Lorenzo. An award-winning tour leader following in the footsteps of his iconic father, Sergio, Ulisse has been guiding travelers around his beloved southern Italy for more than a decade. He also was the first intern in the Classic Journeys office in La Jolla 20 years ago. In the wake of Italy’s Coronavirus outbreak, Ulisse has taken his role to a new level, as our man on the street, keeping us posted on how life in Italy is being impacted by COVID-19. This post follows Ulisse's previous updates 123 and 4.

    "Bentornato amico mio!" (Welcome back, my friend!)

  • Iceland landscape

    Iceland is taking the lead on reopening. Why? How? What does it mean?

    There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Iceland lately. The Global Peace Index announced it to be the safest and most peaceful country in the world. On #TeleportTuesday, Classic Journeys guests picked it as the place they’d most like to be teleported. And now the Icelandic government has announced plans to welcome international tourists beginning June 15.

    While the Icelandic tourist board, Inspired by Iceland, will announce final details for travelers by the end of May, we sat down with Classic Journeys founder Edward Piegza, expert local guides Atli and Kommi in Reykjavik, and hotelier Mummi from his home along the south coast for a window into what the ‘new normal’ of travel will be like in Iceland and as other countries follow its lead. 

  • Sunset Over the Grand Canyon

    A Guides Best Kept Secrets to National Parking

    National Parks are beginning to reopen just as we head into the prime time of the year to visit them. Like the closures themselves, the re-openings are happening on a park-by-park basis. Some parks are already open or have announced reopening dates, including Denali in Alaska, Utah parks including Bryce Canyon and Zion, and Grand Canyon. 

    Glacier Park superintendent Jeff Mow, working from his home in Whitefish, sends some words of wisdom from 20 years in the parks, “Most visitors get really focused on standing in that one spot, or you know there’s that photo they saw on social media and they said, 'I really haven’t been to Glacier until I take that exact same photo with my own phone.' And we literally see people lined up in a line just to sort of stand in this one spot for that same photo. I’d like people to think more broadly about how they visit.”



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