They’re the grand trifecta of America’s finest national parks, and you’ll know it when you experience these especially gorgeous views at some of the best vantage points that Bryce and Zion National Parks and the Grand Canyon have to offer. There’s a reason these are among some of the top outdoor attractions visited in the United States by both residents and visitors.
Hiking in these locations is a unique experience each time, thanks to the geological processes that have occurred here over the years. As a result, the vegetation, wildlife, and landscapes have also changed over time and you get to see firsthand, with our expert local guides, the beauty of these natural processes. Get ready to be wowed at every single viewpoint—you’ll want time to stand still.

Roaring Springs, Bright Angel Canyon, & the South Rim at the Grand Canyon

The sun sets on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

At the North Rim and part of the North Kaibab Trail, Roaring Springs is about 5,000 ft above and quite the sight to see at the end of your hike. Fresh mountain water gushing through the canyon walls provides a chilly pool to jump right into if you’d like to cool down afterward. A great spot for birding as swifts, swallows, bald eagles, and willy flycatchers have been known to make an appearance every now and then. The most popular spot on the North Rim is Bright Angel Canyon, particularly around sunset, when you can truly absorb the beauty of this wonder formed by natural erosions over the years. If you ask anyone though, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is the favorite—it is the most accessible and offers much to do. You’ll get a fantastic view of the vastness of the canyon and get to see the Colorado River at the bottom. There are more than a dozen viewpoints and each one is as magical as the other.

Sunrise Point at Bryce National Park

A sign indicates Sunrise Point at Bryce National Park

If the name wasn’t a sure giveaway already, this is the best spot to view a fabulous sunrise in Bryce Canyon National Park. The scenic overlook is a photographer’s delight, but anybody standing at this northernmost viewpoint of Bryce amphitheater is bound to be awestruck by the brilliant hoodoos (rock formations) and the contrasting colors of the rocks that you can view here—made only more dramatic by the sun shining on it. This is one spot you will not regret waking up early to see the sunrise. The oranges, pinks, and purples in the sky are some of the most brilliant hues you can imagine. This is also where you might spot the rare Kaibab squirrel, and possibly the only such sighting, as they are found nowhere else in the world. This is a protected species and is easily recognized by its fluffy white tail and cute tufted ears. Your best possible chance to see one of these squirrels in action is along the ponderosa pines here, as that is their main diet.

Wall Street at Bryce Canyon

Stunning views of Bryce Canyon

This is the only slot canyon at Bryce so you’re already looking at major bragging rights. Towering walls of red rock light up as the sun rises and sets. Just over 3 miles and a few hundred feet high, this loop trail gives you some stunning views of the naturally occurring rock formations. The hoodoos here are a visual bonanza, and Thor’s Hammer is the star—you can’t really miss it. Access to the trail is closed during the winter months so if you get to experience this in the summer, consider yourself lucky. Our tours are from May through September though, so you’ve already opted for the best time to experience these spectacular sights and enjoy great weather for hiking. Also, a great spot for proposals and other major milestone celebrations in an intimate setting with just the elements as your witness. And if you are hoping to see some of the residents then hummingbirds, Rocky Mountain elk and pronghorn, and Peregrine Falcon have all been spotted in the area.

Zion Narrows

Stroll through the Zion Narrows and wade through the gorge

This gorge is the narrowest part of Zion National Park and is frequently visited by hikers for that reason. Hiking here means you will be wading through the Virgin River (water levels depending on the weather), so be prepared to get your feet wet and wear the right footwear as well. This is an exhilarating experience for all ages and is considered the signature Zion hike to do if visiting these parts. Take your time to enjoy the silence all around and just the sound of the water, and maybe any birds joining you on the hike. This is an area that is deemed inaccessible when there are flash floods, so your guide is your best friend here. You are in for a treat as our local guides have years of expertise leading tours through the gorge, and can show you around their favorite spots, the best way to maneuver your hike depending on the water levels, and provide detailed explanations about the changes in topography you see all around and any other questions you may have.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Take in the views at Coral Pink Sand Dunes National Park

At an elevation of 6,000 feet, the coral pink sand dune vastness was created from Navajo sandstone because of high winds eroding the sandstone and carrying sand grains to be deposited where you now see them. But the coral-colored sand isn’t all that there is. Red sandstone cliffs and forests of juniper provide some contrasting colors and landscapes. What you can also see here, and only here, is the Coral Pink tiger beetle. It is one of the rarest insects found in the United States and though small, easily identified by its striking bright green head. Sometimes, if melting snow forms little ponds, then salamanders and toads are also found here. Nothing compares to the experience of walking across these vistas. Depending on time of day, the sand appears to take on different hues—you’ll just have to visit and see for yourself. And if you are a geology enthusiast then you’ll be thrilled to know you’ve been on the only major sand dune field on the Colorado Plateau.

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