In case you lost count, there are 4 million species of flowers in the world. And from aconitum (part of the Ranunculus family) to zinnia elegans (part of the aster family), spring has well and truly sprung!

Landscapes across the globe have shaken off their winter coats and burst into incredible color. We checked in on our favorite cities, national parks, seashores and countrysides around the world. From flower fields in full bloom to cities under a confetti of blossom, we gathered the most gorgeous spring scenes for you to enjoy.

You’re only going to need a couple minutes to literally brighten your day by flipping through the amazing photos and captions in today’s blog:

Paris, France

Notre Dame in the spring, Paris

Days draw longer and the world capital of romance blushes into bloom. Blossoms in riveting rose are everywhere in Paris, from the banks of the Seine to the picture-perfect parks of Square Jean XXIII (near the Notre Dame cathedral) and du Champ-de-Mars (for a flower-framed view of the Eiffel tower).

Stokksnes Peninsula, Iceland

Iceland mountain in the sun
The Stokksnes mountains of southeast Iceland loom over vibrant clusters of tall purple lupins, part of the pea family which thrive on Iceland’s rich volcanic soil.

Savannah, USA
Savannah City at Night
In Savannah Georgia, the historic district, Forsyth park, and Bonaventure Cemetery are fabulously flowery—especially with azaleas and wisteria, camellias, dogwoods—in the spring.

Kyoto, Japan

Cherry blossom-lined road in Japan

Japan‘s iconic cherry blossom—aka sakura—season marks the start of spring in Kyoto, with more flowers joining as spring progresses.

Lisse, Netherlands

In Lisse, over seven million flower bulbs erupt in a rainbow of petals each springtime – planted in striking patterns in vast fields, sculpted parks and charming gardens.

Washington, USA

The Skagit Valley tulips have an annual festival is devoted to them. They were brought to Washington by William Roozen, who emigrated from Holland in 1947. Six generations later, the Roozen family tulip farm is booming and blooming brighter than ever.

Charleston, USA

Fountain in Charleston

Charleston is South Carolina’s most beautiful city in springtime. Azaleas, cherry trees, wisteria and Japanese iris are just some of the flowers that make Charleston a symphony of springtime shades.

Algarve, PortugalA city landscape with a palm tree in Portugal.

As summer approaches, sunset skies match this wave of wildflowers, which decorate dunes along Portugal‘s Algarve coastline.

Provence, France
Europe luxury walking tours

Provence’s legendary lavender fields don’t dye the landscape purple until the height of summer. Meantime, spring sees poppies populate meadows in fiery ripples of red.

Florence, Italy

Fiat on flower-lined street in Italy

Magnolia, wisteria, iris and roses embellish Florence with petals in every shade of pastel. Renaissance gardens are a spectacle in the spring and blossomed branches frame this view of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

Kalahari, South Africa
Petite Sunbird on bright flower, South Africa

A desert plain in South Africa may be the last place you’d envisage a lush field of flowers, but the Kalahari has exactly that. Besides its sandy stretches of savannah, dunes are coated with colors of hundreds of species of wildflower, forming fields of burnt orange daisies, lemon yellow devilthorn and rich raspberry pink.

Carlsbad, USA

Spanning 50 acres, the Carlsbad flower fields in California (not far from Classic Journeys HQ in San Diego!) are filled with technicolor Tecolote Giant Ranunculus flowers.

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