Portugal Walking Tours

A porch on portugal.
A castle in Portugal.
A cliff in Portugal.
A green hill landscape in Portugal.
A city landscape in Portugal.
A city landscape with a palm tree in Portugal.
A sky view of a lake in Portugal.
Two boats in a river in Portugal.

Explore Portugal with Classic Journeys

This is how it feels to be royalty. Funded by centuries of discovery and empire, Portugal has more regal grandeur than any other country we know. Of course, the great cities of Lisbon and Porto are rich with imperial landmarks. Your hotels here are some of the most splendiferous anywhere. But Portugal also has more hours of sunshine a year than any other European country, perfect for exploring. So you’ll taste the country’s treasured port wines on walks in the mountainous vineyards where they’re born. On a glorious coastal trail, you’ll face the churning surf that Henry the Navigator conquered to explore Africa and the New World. And you’ll come face to face with the Portuguese people from cork artisans to winemakers. You’ll get a true feel for the unique tempo and personality of this kingdom by the sea.