Japan Walking Tours

A pagoda near a lake in Kyoto, Japan
Mount Fuji.
Girl in Japan.
A grass.
Temples in Japan near the water
Cherry blossom-lined road in Japan
Bamboo forest in Japan.

Explore Japan with Classic Journeys

Deeply traditional. Enigmatic. Beautiful beyond words. Japan is a remarkable travel experience with its deeply intertwined respect for the past and passion for the subtleties of art and nature. With these travel options, you’re invited to take a bento-box approach to your visit. In addition to a 7-day Culture + Walking trip that includes Tokyo, Hakone hear the base of Mt. Fuji, and Kyoto, you can customize your visit with extensions that offer a pilgrimage to Hiroshima and even a chance to ascend Mt. Fuji. Accommodations range from sleek modernity in Tokyo and Kyoto to a classic country ryokan in a serene setting of mountains and forest.