A certain stigma exists surrounding solo travel — is it lonely? safe? too expensive? — many individuals shy away from traveling alone for fear of the unknown and disinterest in dealing with the challenges that are often associated with solo travel. However, as intimidating as it may seem, more people now than ever are traveling on their own. Numerous resources exist to facilitate wanderlust for solo travelers and the world is increasingly welcoming to the idea of exploring the world as a single traveler. Deciding to travel alone allows for the ultimate eye-opening adventure that encourages you to embrace your spirited independence and undergo a personal growth you will likely not find elsewhere. With Classic Journeys, about a third of our guests are solo travelers and it excites us to support individuals who are just as excited to explore the world as we are. There’s something empowering about solo travel and Classic Journeys allows adventurers to reap the many benefits of single travel without dealing with the doubts and potential complications that are often associated with it:

man sitting on a cliff looking out into the distance.

Less stress: don’t worry about travel plans

Making travel plans can always result in stress, as it often includes extensive research and contemplation on where the best place to stay is when you’re traveling on your own. Classic Journeys handles the plans for you and matches you with a guide that will make your travel desires a priority. Should you want to stay in a destination longer or change plans, there’s no need for approval from another travel companion. We will help you with each step of the planning stage and assist in creating the perfect solo journey whether it be roaming the streets of London or discovering the wonders of Peru, your solo experience will be sure to amaze.

A guide leading a tour through a canyon.

Personal growth: learn more about yourself

People often stray away from traveling alone due to fear or intimidation but it’s a highly rewarding experience that allows you to learn more about yourself, build confidence and feel a sense of independence. You’ll be able to spend quality time with yourself that you may never have at home. Take time to reflect on the amazing things you are seeing and experiencing as a solo traveler. After it all, you may find a new love for being alone and return from your travels with not only souvenirs but also a newfound understanding of yourself.

A woman zip-lining.

Never lonely: easily meet fellow travelers and locals

One of the greatest joys of traveling is the diversity of people you meet. Classic Journeys will introduce you to a small group of like-minded travelers who are just as excited to be experiencing a new destination as you are. When you are traveling solo, you are forced out of your comfort zone to meet people, but Classic Journeys makes that initial introduction much easier with a group of fellow travelers and a friendly local guide to accompany you throughout your travels. While engaging in a rustic Tuscan cooking class, it’s impossible not to bond over a mutual love of freshly made pasta and house wine while overlooking the countryside of Tuscany.

A group enjoying a meal in a tent.

This is the ultimate opportunity to explore the world and embrace your spirited independence while producing a chance for personal growth and self-discovery. If your goal is to experience the life and culture you visit, you’re already one of us — and you’ll find yourself in the congenial company of others who look at the world like you do. To encourage solo travel, Classic Journeys has the lowest single supplement charge you’re likely to find anywhere. In fact, we only pass along the extra cost hotels charge us instead of marking it up to make extra profit from you. We want you to enjoy the life-altering experience and eye-opening realizations of solo travel just as much as you do. Book a solo trip with us and prepare to take a brand new look at both the world and yourself.


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