Many people want to vacation solo, for a variety of reasons. Some are single, some have spouses who are too busy to travel, and some people just like to travel without their partner or family for a variety of reasons. But just because you’re leaving ‘your people’ at home doesn’t mean you have to travel alone. We recently had the chance to talk with three-time Classic Journeys’ guest and get her take on planning the perfect solo vacation.

“I’m really independent so I never thought I’d go on a group tour,” remembers Carolyn Seefer. “But when I decided to go to China and my husband’s schedule was too intense for him to get away, I wasn’t comfortable doing it on my own. This was a big step for me, but it made me a lifelong fan of Classic Journeys.” Since then, she’s also traveled solo with us in Turkey.

On her fantastic hotel rooms…
“My ‘room’ in Tibet was a 2-story converted farmhouse with its own courtyard. It was the best place I’ve ever stayed. And the cave hotel in Cappadocia was the most unique—dug into the hillside, but way more luxurious than it sounds. There was a terrace right outside where I could look out over this surreal, almost lunar landscape.” (As Carolyn discovered, we always try to place solo guests in “double for single use” rooms.)

On the deserted Great Wall…
“We were literally the only ones on the segment of the Great Wall where you took us— except for some local farmers who wanted to show us around. In my pictures, I’m the only person you can see. It was the real thing. It hadn’t been all fixed up. I hear that most tourists go to a stretch where all of the motorcoaches unload. I know now that Classic Journeys would never do that.”

On Lee’s unlimited hospitality…
“Our guide Lee was so sweet. She speaks perfect English, but she’s never been out of China in her life. She told us a lot about what her family went through in the Cultural Revolution. In Shangri-La, she really wanted us to see the traditional dancing. So she called a friend who invited us into her house where several local girls danced just for us while we drank yak butter tea, sitting around her fire. Amazing!”

On sharing with her husband…
“For my next Classic Journey, we’re going to Morocco together. When he travels, he always says he doesn’t want surprises. I haven’t told him yet, but he will have surprises —they’ll just all be good ones. I came back from my two solo trips with Classic Journeys really satisfied. I know this one will be the same.”

While we are not currently operating our Cultural Walking Adventure to China, learn more about other Asian destinations and start planning your trip of a lifetime today!

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