At Classic Journeys, we appreciate the spirit and independence of single travelers who are striking out on their own.

On average, almost a third of our guests are solo travelers. If that’s you, please join us! You’ll have an unforgettable travel experience in the congenial company of others who see the world like you do.A group leaving from top chefs.Single travelers won’t feel like a fifth wheel

For starters, you already have a friend on the tour. Our local guides are with you full-time to watch out for everyone’s needs and interests. At the fine restaurants we select, you won’t find yourself at a table for one. And, as often as possible, the accommodations we arrange for you are “doubles for single use” so that you can have as much elbowroom as everyone else. At your request, we’ll invite another solo traveler on the tour to share accommodations with you.

A group jumping in excitement.Find the lowest single supplements right here

Admit it. You’ve learned that you can’t get emotionally involved with a trip until you check out the single supplement. Well, here is the news you’ve been hoping for! To encourage solo travel, Classic Journeys has the lowest single supplements you’re likely to find anywhere. While some companies boost prices up to 50 percent for single travelers, we keep it to just 15 to 20 percent on average. We only pass along the extra cost hotels charge us, instead of marking it up to make extra profit from you.

Take it from an experienced single traveler

“I want to tell you what a wonderful trip this was. Davy was amazing, and as a group of travelers we got along splendidly (probably the best group of people I’ve had on any tour, Classic Journeys or otherwise). I’ve never laughed so hard nor had such considerate, interesting people on a tour. In fact, some of the guests are thinking about your Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos trip in 2018, as am I, so we plan to stay in touch.
Susan L: four-time traveler (Scotland, Italian Lakes, Prague to Budapest and Cotswolds)

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