Silver Cloud, Antarctica

Luxury Bathtub with ocean view in Silversea Silver Cloud Suite Luxury Ship
Not just a whirlpool window-side bathtub. A whirlpool window-side bathtub where the scenery’s constantly changing. Humpback whales in mythical Drake Passage. Antarctica’s midnight sun, dancing off glaciers. Gentoo penguins, gleefully diving off icebergs. For bath-lovers, the best seat in the house for our Patagonia and Antarctica Eclipse tour.

Singular Patagonia, Chile

Man relaxing in Chile Singular Patagonia Luxury Hotel Bath
Why run a bath when you have have one run for you? After wandering the wilds of Patagonia with your Chilean guide, check straight in to the Singular’s eco spa, step straight into a ready-drawn tub (their bubble bath uses essential oils from local fruits and flowers), and watch the sun set over the fjord.

Tabacon, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Tabaton Bath Jungle View Luxury Hotel
The Tabacon didn’t need to provide its patrons with baths: the stream of volcanic hot springs running through the property gives guests oodles of opportunity to soak. But it added baths anyway, and they’re spectacular. One moment you’re ziplining, or white-water rafting, or boogie boarding, on our Multisport tour. The next, you’re in your own private jacuzzi tub, seconds from your bed, with lush views and rainforest sounds that spa playlists can only dream of.

Borgo Egnazi, Puglia Italy

Borgo Egnazia Puglia Italy Luxury Hotel bath
Oozing Puglia style from every pore, Borgo Egnazia combines tuff stonework, pale colors, and indirect lighting to create a monochromatic marvel. Just five minutes, undisturbed, in your bathroom’s centerpiece tub and finer features begin to emerge—handpicked by world-leading designers, handcrafted by local artisans and blending blissfully into your surroundings. Suddenly, five minutes turns into fifty. You’re lost in luxurious zen, and your Puglia tour is off to a fabulous start.

Nayara Hangaroa, Easter Island

Nayara Hangaroa volcanic clay from south chile handmade bath
Rapa Nui culture overflows in Easter Island, from the great Moai statues, caves and carvings your guide will show you on your tour. To the Nayara Hangaroa baths. Here, each artisan tub is totally unique, molded from Chilean volcanic clay and perfectly position in a curvy, earthy bathroom with cypress trunks, and local rock sinks. Flick your room’s bioswitch to free the space from electromagnetic fields, and enjoy delicious candle-lit downtime.

Belmond Monasterio, Cusco Peru

Belmond Hotel Monasterio Luxury Hotel Bath
You’ll witness the Inca wonders of Sacsayhuaman and Machu Picchu later on our Peru tour. And right now, the hotel’s hand-woven alpaca blankets beckon. But before bed, unwind in your bath, surrounded by soothing marble, ornate woodwork, flickering candles and the enduring calm of this former monastery.

Edson Hill, Vermont

Edson Hill Vermont Luxury Hotel Bath
It seems everything in Edson Hill has a story: materials salvaged from iconic hotels and historic barns, and all kinds of thoughtful furnishings. Bathtubs included, with each unique to its room and placed to perfection. While exploring the towns and villages with your Vermont guide, pick up a maple syrup bath bomb (yes, that’s a thing, and yes, they smell as good as they sound). Then put it to use over an evening soak, spent delighting in details of your room you’d never noticed before.

Hotel Sahrai, Fez Morocco

Africa Morocco Sahrai Luxury Hotel Bath
On nights one and two of our Culture + Walking tour, when you’re not taking in centuries of Moroccan history from the hotel’s infinity pool, or being pampered in the Givenchy spa, escape to your suite: Parisian designer Christophe Pillet amplifies daylight amazingly all over the property, and that extends to its chic, glass-enrobed bathrooms with their sunken marble tubs. Tip: to take things up a level, buy argan oil from the market Fez medina, and drop some into the bathwater.

Phinda Mountain Lodge, South Africa

Phinda Mountain Lodge Bath Private Game Reserve
How about a bath time safari? Your home for days six to nine of our South Africa tour, the luxurious Phinda lodge is surrounded by the Lebombo foothills of Zululand. Its ceramic standalone bathtubs bag the best views: take a sunrise or sunset soak long enough, and you’ll spy lions prowling on the private game reserve surrounding you…

MacArthur Place, Sonoma California

Macarthur Place Luxury Hotel Bath
Name a better way to end a day in California wine country than this: sipping a glass of your favorite Sonoma wine (taste-tested on our friend’s vineyard) while soaking in your standalone bathtub, where botanical oils take you right back to the Asian gardens you just visited with your guide.

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Su Gologone, Sardinia 

Su Gologone Art Decor Luxury Hotel Bath
There’s a larger than life, outside-the-box theme to artsy Su Gologone, and the bathtubs are a case in point: big enough for two, out on their own a private terrace, and surrounded by greenery and Sardinia mountain air. As you relax in yours, reminisce mouthwatering moments spent exploring Sardinia with your local guide—from lunching with local shepherds, to meeting local bakers and winemakers.

Oberoi Amarvillas, Agra India

Oberoi Amarvillas Luxury Hotel Bath Taj Mahal Views
You come to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. And see it you shall. First, up close with your local guide, on the second day of our Culture + Walking tour. Then, from your roll top bathtub, which has an uninterrupted sightline of history’s most romantic building. And after, from your private terrace, wrapped in a fluffy robe, as your butler brings you a perfect cup of chai.

Anantara Layan Phuket, Thailand

Anantara Layan Phuket Luxury Hotel Bath
Visiting Thailand with us, you spend your days in Phuket walking to Big Buddha at Chalong, and cruising on a traditional junk boat. And you spend your downtime at Anantara Layan. The spa is second to none, but nothing beats your very own standalone bathtub, filled with the hotel’s signature cardamom and clove scents, looking out to the jungly coast.

The Reverie Saigon, Vietnam

Reverie Saigon Luxury Hotel Bath by Giorgetti
Designer Giorgetti is the mastermind behind this Reverie bathroom, where sanctuary meets splendor in the form of floor-to-ceiling marble. After a day exploring Southern Vietnam’s rice fields and boating along the Mekong Delta, soak up sights over Saigon from the window-side tub, and feel your worries melt into the marble. Perfect preparation for your evening plans: a welcome dinner in one of Saigon’s finest restaurants.

Grand Hotel Borromées, Italian Lakes

Grand Hotel Borromees Italian Lakes Bath
Touring the Italian Lakes, your guide will recount how Maggiore’s legacy dates back to the days of the Romans. And on its banks, the Borromées’ bathrooms evoke the Empire’s legendary bath culture. Bathe Cleopatra-style among marble pillars and classical sculptures, before retiring to your chaise lounge with a bunch of grapes (because when in Maggiore…).

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Bergen Børs, Norway

Bergen Bors Norway Luxury hotel bath
You may be bathing on the upper floor of Bergen’s historic stock exchange, but the outcry of traders won’t be farther from your mind. All calm, no chaos is the mood here, where bathrooms are brimming over with simple, soothing hints of Scandinavian hygge. Soak as long as you like, savoring memories of fjord boat rides and panoramic walks from the day before on our Norway tour. Then, step onto a deliciously heated floor, and have room service deliver a Scandinavian hot chocolate.

Hakone Kowakien Ten-yu, Japan

Hakone Kowakien Ten Yu Luxury Hotel Bath
Culture abounds throughout our Japan tour, from your first day in Tokyo to your last day in Kyoto. Here in Hakone, get a taste of the ancient onsen ritual from your own open-air hot spring bath. The views over volcanic hills are best sampled in the light of the rising sun—later, head out with your guide to ride the ropeway tram and peer down from the peak.

Great Southern Killarney, Ireland

Great Southern Killarney Luxury Hotel Bath
When this railway hotel was built in 1854, its intention was to “take the guest’s breath away.” It more than succeeded, and you’ll see for yourself how the second you arrive. But for every opportunity this hotel has to leave you breathless, there’s a chance to stop, relax and fill your lungs with fresh Irish air. The best: your Victorian roll-top clawfoot bath. Indulge in a soak on your first night of our Ireland tour, and prepare for amazing days ahead, spent cruising across the fabled Killarney lakes, visiting a 15th century castle, whiskey tasting and more.

Penha Longa, Portugal 

Penha Longha Portugal Luxury Hotel Bath
Hermit monks and Lisbon royals called these mountains home in the 14th century, and you’ll visit their monasteries and palaces over the first two days of our Portugal tour. The reason they chose Sintra? Tranquility. It lives on, and you’ll feel its zen stronger than ever as you soak in your marble bathroom, window wide open to welcome views of forested hills.

Le Germain Charlevoix, Quebec

Le Germain Charlevoix Luxury Hotel Bath
After walking rolling fields and sandy coastline, and sampling artisanal cheeses at our friend’s local farm on our Quebec tour, your hotel awaits. Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix is farmland-turned-luxury-lodging that harks back to its previous life with charming rustic features. Treat yourself to bath time barnyard bliss, among neutral tones and rustic exposed beams and pipes.

Kehoe House, Savannah

Kehoe House Savannah Luxury Hotel Bath
With ‘most romantic’ and ‘best service’ among its accolades, Kehoe’s trophy cabinet would surely burst if bath awards existed too. An ode to iron foundry owner William Kehoe, the vintage cast iron, clawfoot tubs are the perfect place to unwind after exploring Beaufort, Savannah, Fort Pulaski and more on our Culture + Walking tour.

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