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Let us handcraft a private tour or custom vacation into a trip of a lifetime for you
From one to whatever, you choose your group

Want to travel, but prefer to do so with just family and friends? Have travel dates that don't align with the public, scheduled departures? Not to worry, we have you covered.

With a Private Journey, you can choose any group size - from one to whatever and turn any published itinerary into a private trip. Or pick a region that is special to you (whether it's to reconnect or discover your heritage, or just the next place on your bucket list), with a Private Journey your wish list is our command. And you'll get a seamless and turnkey experience at a great value.

The starting point—the published price of a Classic Journeys public tour—is lower than what many companies charge for their comparable tours. In some cases, we can even offer a private departure for less than you would pay for other companies’ standard tours. 

Travel anytime in 2020 with a party of just six or more and make a published itinerary private for the same price as a public tour!   

Our itinerary—your date

The simplest way to go. We’ll run any Classic Journeys itinerary from Peru to Iceland on any date you want for you and your group alone.

Pick Your Date

Every moment designed just for you

The sky’s the limit. Add days and destinations, build in extra activities, take over an entire villa-hotel. If you wish it, we’ll bring it to life.

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