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Destination Weddings

Get married abroad while taking a trip of a lifetime. Planning a wedding abroad couldn’t be simpler or more spectacular. Just put your plans in the hands of our travel and events experts. And whether you want a small intimate destination wedding or an over-the-top friends and family celebration, count on the Classic Journeys team to make your ceremony and everything surrounding it unforgettable.


You’ve walked down the aisle. Make your next stop the Inca Trail, the Amalfi Coast or one of more than a hundred other bucket list destinations we specialize in. For newlyweds who love travel, our best honeymoon destinations make for a fabulous start to married life.


Hop on a plane to Havana or experience a National Park like never before. Share your minimoon ideas with us and we’ll weave them into romantic reality.

The Best Wedding & Honeymoon Hotels

From Amarvilas overlooking the Taj Mahal to an Icelandic ranch straight out of a Ralph Lauren catalog, we have personal partnerships with the best hotels around the world. These are invaluable allowing us to make your wedding, honeymoon or celebration completely unforgettable.

International Wedding Venues

What makes a wedding venue the best international wedding venue? When it perfectly meets your dreams. From romantic Tuscan villas to chic desert encampments in Morocco and everything in between, we’ll plan a trip to your ideal wedding location.

Renewing Vows Abroad

Renewing your wedding vows abroad is an incredible way to celebrate your relationship. Choose your dream destination, whether it’s returning to a favorite place you’ve been or somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. Join one of our scheduled departure dates and incorporate your vow renewal into the itinerary or have us create private tour completely around your personal wish list.

Wedding Anniversary Trips

We know the best places to travel for wedding anniversaries, whether you’re celebrating five years or fifty, a personal celebration just for the two of you, or a multi-generational trip with the kids or grandkids. With your choice of itinerary from walking and hiking, culinary, family, multisport and adventure cruises, you’ll find a travel style to match your mood. And with scheduled departures all the way to custom-made private trips, we’ll help you mark the occasion magnificently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Answers to all your questions, except that one.

Weddings & Honeymoons

What does a Classic Journeys micro wedding look like?

Tuscany example micro wedding: Spend two weeks in a 16th century villa, hosted by a real count and countess, with ten to 20 of your dearest friends and family. At the end of a fabulous two-week trip spent visiting Chianti vineyards, exploring the cities of Florence and Siena, have your dream wedding under the Tuscan sun.

What does a Classic Journeys honeymoon look like?

Southeast Asia example honeymoon: Whether it’s a honeymoon of seven, 17 or 70 days, stay in some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts as you explore the great cultures of Indochina. Visit the homestead of a rice farmer, meet the gentle giants at a Laotian elephant preserve, explore exotic markets, eat truly remarkable local specialties, and experience the traditional cultures only found when approaching the region like a traveler, rather than a tourist.

What does a Classic Journeys minimoon look like?

Havana example minimoon: Hop to Havana for a long weekend, like they did in the twenties. Soak up an art and music scene like no other, take a salsa lesson, cook your own lunch with a Cuban chef and stay in one of the top hotels in the vibrant city center. Bring your wedding outfits along for a photoshoot with the vintage cars and colorful houses downtown.

How much does a wedding abroad cost?

Because each wedding is completely unique to the couple and their wishes, the exact cost differs from trip to trip, but here is a comparison: For the same price as a 200 person hometown wedding, you could take 20 people to Tuscany for 20 the whole week!

What is a micro-wedding?

A micro wedding is a small wedding, which could mean just you and your partner, or the two of you and a small selection of witnesses. Many couples are now choosing micro weddings over traditional hometown ceremonies because the cost (even when it’s a travel wedding in a phenomenal destination,) can be no more or sometimes less than catering for a large, impersonal wedding at home.

Do you have on site personnel to help coordinate?

Yes, we connect you to your very own Classic Journeys wedding planner on site, who will help to arrange the rehearsal dinner, wedding day, and any additional details.

Can you include a rehearsal dinner?

Absolutely! Rehearsal dinners are included in our wedding package (as well as the ceremony). We have excellent relationships with the best restaurants for rehearsal dinners in all of our destinations. We can also create magnificent al fresco dinners, picnics, or bring an expert chef to your hotel or villa.

Is the wedding ceremony included?

Yes! Count on us to include everything you need to make your day perfect. That includes minister, flowers, music, and luncheon. Want more? No problem. Your personal wedding planner on site can customize any element you want.

How do I register for marriage in my destination?

Thanks to our team of expert local guides and wedding planners on the ground around the world, we will have all the up to date information regarding how you can be legally registered to marry for your big day.

What paperwork is needed to get married abroad?

Usually you will both need to provide a birth certificate, ID, and if applicable, certificates for any previous marriage, divorce, or death of a previous spouse. It differs from country to country. We’ll make sure you have everything needed depending on your destination and wedding date.

How long do I need to be in my destination before the wedding?

It depends in which country you are getting married. Sometimes one day, sometimes a few days. We’ll make sure your trip is arranged to include the appropriate time in country ahead of the wedding day. This is where our itineraries come in handy, ensuring you make the most of your time there with wonderful travel experiences surrounding the wedding itself.

We want to keep the wedding ceremony secret. Is that possible?

Yes. We can keep it among you, us, and your Classic Journeys guide if you want to discretely dip out for a day to get married. Or if you’re saving it as a surprise for fellow guests, we’ll incorporate it into the itinerary and make it a surprise to remember for everyone!

Are hair and beauty services available?

Your guide and wedding planner can recommend or even arrange the best local stylists, who can come to your hotel or save you space in their salon. It’s best to arrange this ASAP to make sure they’re available on your wedding date. Consultations (virtual and in person) and practice sessions can also be arranged.

Can you help with our wedding flowers?

Yes! Once we’ve confirmed a destination, we’ll put you in touch with the best local florists who can provide incredible bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids, as well as button-hole flowers, table decorations, and other floral arrangements.

Can you help with our wedding outfits?

We can put you in touch with local businesses with an excellent reputation for suit hire, cleaning services, tailoring and more. Your wedding planner can also help you to arrange dress storage and transport if needed.

Are video and photography services available?

Your wedding planner will put you in touch with skilled vendors available on your wedding day. Usually you’ll be able to choose between different packages, relating to the type of media produced, and the amount of time photographers and videographers are present. You can also book them for other parts of your trip too. (For example, perhaps you’ll want to wear your wedding outfits for a photoshoot at Machu Picchu, the Parthenon, or in Marrakech medina…)

What are the best micro wedding destinations?

The 10 best destinations for small weddings are:

Is a wedding cake included?

Yes! A wedding cake is included with your Classic Journeys booking, and we’ll consult you in advance to make sure it suits your taste.

Is the wedding breakfast included?

Yes! The wedding breakfast will be included with your Classic Journeys travel wedding, whether you’re feeding just the newlyweds or a big wedding party. We’ll talk through your dish preferences.

Can I add a honeymoon after the wedding?

Absolutely! We can plan the itinerary so that the wedding is at the beginning of your trip, or add a second tour for just the newlyweds. For example, you could get married with your friends and family present on a Classic Journeys tour of Provence, France, then hop over to Italy for your honeymoon.

What day can I get married on?

Some countries have rules restricting weddings on Sunday, but once you’ve chosen your wedding destination, we’ll confirm which days you can choose between depending on the country regulations, and the venues and vendors available.

Will my wedding abroad be legal?

Most marriages or civil partnerships that are legally performed abroad (i.e. following all of the correct processes for that country) are legally valid in the U.S. We will check the legal requirements for your wedding destination and inform you if you need any further checks or certification.

Which countries allow same-sex marriage?

South American countries which allow same-sex marriage:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador

Asia-Pacific countries which allow same-sex marriage:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand

European countries which allow same-sex marriage:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom

North American countries which allow same-sex marriage:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • United States

African countries which allow same-sex marriage:

  • South Africa