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Building in Cuba at sunset.
People driving in a convertible in Cuba.
A cuban beach.
A green hillside in Cuba.
People in front of a sign that says Revolution in cuba.

Classic Journeys Cuba Tours Are Still The Way To Go

There was a time, not long ago, when Cuba was a hotspot for Americans. Hemingway called it a home away from home; beachgoers and deep-sea fishermen and the Hollywood elite hopped over to Havana on the weekends for a bit of fun and relaxation. Warm nights sipping mojitos and listening to some of the best music in the Caribbean, sunny days on the sand, puffing away on a local cigar with toes in the tropical water—this was the Cuba of legend. The door to Cuba has been closed for decades, until recently when it reopened for a lucky few who travel with Classic Journeys.

Join us now for an adventure that National Geographic Traveler included in their 50 Trips of a Lifetime.

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Behind the Myths and Misconceptions

You’ll have an experience that few will—Cuba tours, led by local guides who are proud of their country’s rich culture and excited to share it with Classic Journeys guests. So much of the culture and history remains a mystery to most Americans, and your new Cuban friends will be delighted to pull back the curtain and show you the real country behind the myths and misconceptions. We introduce you to local merchants, artisans, musicians and restauranteurs to ensure that you’re getting to see and taste Cuban life as its people do.

People driving in a convertible in Cuba.

Every Moment Is Eye-opening

On your Cuba tour, you’ll meet a remarkable cross-section of society: school students and cigar-makers, singers and naturalists, historians and economists, farmers and chefs. Whether it’s riding in a classic convertible through the streets of Havana, walking past waterfalls to a coffee plantation, or exploring French and Spanish colonial architecture in Cienfuegos and Trinidad on the Caribbean shore, every moment is eye-opening.

Cuban skyview.

Life In Cuba Today

Each of our itineraries includes meaningful time to explore on your own. On our Cuba family trip, your kids will engage in a travel experience that few of their classmates ever will. And whether you’re snorkeling on the Bay of Pigs or discovering your inner salsa dancer, you’ll get a rare, close-up look at life in Cuba today.

Family in cuba.