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Multisport Luxury Tours

Two people on camels.
A group white water rafting.
A man biking.
People on a glacier.
A kayak in tropical waters.
A young girl snorkeling.

Multisport Adventure Tours

Live an active everyday life that you want to continue when you’re on vacation? A Multisport tour with Classic Journeys is the zip-lining, camel-riding, whitewater-rafting, glacier-hiking, mountain biking way to go!

The perfect way to engage your body and mind: every day on a Classic Journeys Multisport trip is about fun in a multitude of forms. It’s snorkeling between tectonic plates in Iceland and sharing lunch with a remote rainforest tribe in Panama. It’s husky sledding in Alaska and swimming with sea lions and Galápagos penguins. Each trip includes a spectrum of lively outdoor activities in some of the most beautiful environments on earth. We balance those adventures with spectacularly scenic walks and immersive cultural experiences where you can get to know the locals.

All activities are included. Always.

Every activity in the published itinerary is included in the trip cost. We supply the gear you need and the services of experienced specialist guides. And we’re happy to calibrate activities for travelers of all ages and fitness levels. If you or a traveling companion prefers to sit one out, we’ll offer you options for that, too. Whichever destination you choose, you’ll have the fulltime services of our friendly and well-connecting local guides, stay in boutique luxury hotels, and enjoy amazing food.

A group of people on bikes in Peru.

A built-in buddy system for solo travelers.

Even if you’re traveling on your own, you never lack the buddy support you need to enjoy our multisport activities. Our guides and outfitters go the extra mile to put you right in the middle of all of the action. No wonder a third of our sportiest guests are solo travelers!

A couple walking through canyon.