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Safari & Wildlife Luxury Tours

Safari & Wildlife Trips with Classic Journeys

As much as we love immersing ourselves into the history and culture of a place and its people, sometimes the best way to really get to know a place is through its wildlife. Join Classic Journeys expert naturalist, botanist and biologist guides as they get up-close and personal with the birds, animals and sea life in some of the most amazing settings in the world, including the Galapagos islands, Costa Rican rainforest, Belize barrier reef, Yellowstone plains, South African game preserves, Chilean Patagonia and many others.

This is Not Your Grandparents’ Safari…

Maybe you’ve been on a traditional safari, sitting in a vehicle for a morning and evening game drive. That’s fine for most travelers and most companies. And yet, with Classic Journeys approach to active travel, you can get so much closer to the nature you traveled to see on your wildlife trip. A safari with Classic Journeys means walking with elephants and giraffes to their watering hole, snorkeling from a private catamaran over the second largest barrier reef in the world in Belize, tracking bison and wolves with naturalists in Yellowstone, kayaking with Orca whales in the waters around San Juan Island.

A woman posing with Giraffe.

… But You’ll Love it No Matter if You Are 8, 18, 48 or 80.

You’ll see right away that safety is our priority, followed by the quality of the experience interacting with the wildlife in the most enjoyable and responsible manner. Our guides are experts at what they do and are trained to help guests of all interests and ability to have a memorable trip. Safaris and wildlife trips can be a bit intimidating if you’ve never been on one. With Classic Journeys, you have the world’s best tour operator worrying about all of the details for you. So that you can relax and focus on having a great time.

Killer whales.

The Best Wildlife Experience in the World.

AFAR magazine named our Galapagos trips the Best Wildlife Experience in the World. How’s that even possible when there isn’t a lion or elephant within a few thousand miles? Easy. The Galapagos has its own Big Five: the giant tortoise, the Galapagos penguin (the only warm water penguin in the world), the sea lion, the marine and land iguana, and the blue footed boobie. (Not to mention sea turtles, Sally Lightfoot crabs, as well as innumerable sea and birdlife.) And with its perfect location on the equator and due south of New Orleans, you can visit it 365 days of the year.

Boy sitting next to a seal.

Choose Your Adventure

So, just like you have choices for how to explore the Costa Rican rainforest with us (on foot, hanging bridge or zip line), there are a myriad of ways to go on a safari or wildlife tour with Classic Journeys. Start your planning with a quick phone call to our passionate and knowledgeable Travel Experience team today. Just call 800-200-3887. We’ll have you roaring, chirping, barking and howling your approval in no time!

Man and woman walking on a rope bridge.