When you hear the words “best food in the world,” which countries come to mind?

Most likely, Italy and France top your list. Well we agree and that’s why we’ve crafted three culinary tours that explore the unique cuisines of Europe’s most delicious regions.

Classic Journeys offers three immersive tours from which you will savor the memories – and the flavors – for years to come. Here, starting in Tuscany, we launch a three-part series exploring these unique and mouthwatering tours:

A young person sitting on a cliff looking out at a body of water.

A Taste of Tuscany

Which is the greater treasure: Michelangelo’s David or a perfect little gnocchi? We’re only half-joking when we argue that the landmarks of Florence, Siena and other Tuscan hill towns barely distract us from the wonderful food of the region. So we’ve given in to our appetites and arranged a culinary tour around the tastes of Tuscany. We’ve carefully charted the walks so that you’ll catch all of the scenic highlights.

But we’ve also arranged visits to private and professional kitchens for tips on how to cook up true Tuscan classics. We’ll taste wine and olive oil. Visit cheese-makers and bakers. Experience firsthand how Italians cook and eat at home.

A man on a ladder picking grapes.

Highlights of our Tuscany Culinary Journey

• Assembling a picnic at San Lorenzo, the Florentines’ market
• A guided walk of Florence
• Tasting a shepherd’s cheeses with a farmhouse cooking instruction
• The stroll to San Gimignano
• Cooking in a country house after a Chianti vineyard walk Cortona, the setting of Under the Tuscan Sun
• Pasta-making in a friend’s home in Siena
• A wine tasting in Montepulciano and a lesson in pressing olive oil
• Cooking a festive farewell dinner