At Classic Journeys, you’ll see that we have perfected the art of travel, providing seamless experiences and the inside track to you, the guest, so that you can fully immerse yourself in a destination without having to worry about any of the logistics. This mode of travel is ideal for anyone, including families, couples and groups of friends, but it’s particularly ideal if you ever felt the burn to venture out on your own.

Our guests agree, around a third of all Classic Journeys travelers are going solo. With an average group size of 10 people and a cap at 18, there’s no shortage of people to meet and socialize with, but not so many that any one guest will feel overwhelmed, leaving you with choices for how and with whom you would like to spend your vacation. As an added bonus, you’ll be delighted with some of the lowest single supplements on the market.

Apart from the benefits of traveling alone on a Classic Journeys tour, what are some other reasons to travel alone? 

#1 Your experiences are yours, and yours alone

With the hustle-bustle of daily life, it can be rewarding and necessary to have some time alone to kick back and relax. Since all of the planning and execution of traveling will be taken care of by Classic Journeys and our guides, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy. Consider keeping a journal of your experiences, or simply take it all in without feeling the need to explain or share your opinions. Traveling solo allows you to fully recharge while immersing yourself in a new destination without being worried about checking off boxes, fulfilling anyone else’s wish lists or having to cancel a much-needed nap because of any fear of missing out.

#2 It’s easier to plan

If traveling alone, planning your journey becomes significantly simpler from the get-go. There are no worries regarding coordinating flights, making sure airplane seats are next to one another, packing for other people, or even deciding what to do with your spare time. You’re free to come and go as you please, with only your priority list as your guide. Want to change your travel plans at the last minute to include a new destination or simply spend more time where you already are? You’re free to do that… no input from anyone else necessary!

A girl taking a picture of a city landscape in croatia.#3 You’ll make new friends

One of the great joys of traveling is meeting new people while on the road. Of course, this is possible while traveling with family and friends, but you’re forced a bit more out of your comfort zone when going it alone. While engaging in a Tuscan cooking class in a rustic home, it’s impossible to not make conversation while kneading dough to eventually cut into pasta, or to share cooking tips while on a market tour through a small village in Provence. On a Classic Journeys tour, there are likely to be other solo travelers, as well as friendly people traveling with loved ones, with plenty of group dining and activity options for everyone to better get to know one another.

An elderly woman smiling.

#4 You’ll feel more confident

Conquering the world on your own–could you imagine a bigger accomplishment? Travel can be intimidating, considering all of the logistics that go into it, navigating a foreign language and culture and the decision making inherent in the process. By venturing out on your own, you’re solely responsible, but that means the spoils are yours alone. You’ll become a more self-sufficient traveler after buying a souvenir from a vendor that doesn’t speak English, making your way onto your flight in an unfamiliar airport or climbing a mountain in New Zealand on your own, to give a few examples. These are skills you take home and apply to your everyday life, too, when negotiating on prices, planning activities for friends and family or for general problem-solving. Plus, Classic Journeys takes care of the big and small details, ensuring that all you need to be concerned with is having a good time.

A woman smiling with her arms outstretched.#5 You’ll learn a lot about yourself

With plenty of “me, myself and I” time, you’ll get a chance to catch your breath and learn things you never knew about yourself. Maybe you have a knack for picking up Italian, or you’ve discovered you have a penchant for drinking Pisco Sours. Maybe problem-solving on your own has given you a new outlook on a problem you face back at home or in the office. Or maybe you’ve discovered that you truly love your own company. Imagine coming home and, besides having a wealth of memories and experiences to share and reflect on, you also have a greater understanding of yourself, your needs and wants and how you relate to the world. Realizing that you’re independent and satisfied being so is one of solo travel’s great rewards– click here to learn more about how you can travel solo with Classic Journeys!