Can’t decide between visiting Italy or France? Choose both! Join us on our cultural walking trip of Sardinia and Corsica as we explore these enchanting (and less touristy) islands. Get up close to ancient ruins, stroll through charming villages, and savor the rich culinary delights of these idyllic islands. Exploring on foot at eye level allows you to soak it all in and immerse yourself in the blended French and Italian cultures… one step at a time.

Walk The Streets of Alghero

Scenic harbor views of Alghero, Sardinia in Italy during sunset

Begin with a walking tour around the quaint seaside city of Alghero. Your expert local guide will share insight into this city’s ancient roots, including the local Algherese dialect which is officially recognized as a variant of Catalan, a legacy of the Catalan colonization. The city’s architecture has a distinct Catalan-Gothic style as well, which you’ll see in the monuments and cathedrals along the way. Explore the historic center, the 16th-century city walls, and towers like Torre di Porta Terra for an up-close look at Alghero’s maritime past. From the fishing ports and beautiful beaches to the fresh seafood in the markets and restaurants, this is a memorable and scenic place to start your island explorations.

Experience Bonifacio & Castelsardo

Staris leading up to the castle in Castelsardo, Sardinia

Bonifacio and Castelsardo are two beautiful towns located on opposite sides of the Strait of Bonifacio, which separates the islands of France’s Corsica and Italy’s Sardinia. Bonifacio is perched on impressive white limestone cliffs for a dramatic background scenery. Strolling the streets, you’ll get up close to the ancient fortifications, medical citadel, picturesque churches, narrow alleys and charming harbor that offer glimpses into its rich history as a strategic maritime outpost. This town also has important literary references, as it is the supposed harbor where Ulysses’ fleet was bombarded by the Laestrygonians in Homer’s Odyssey

Castelsardo is a picturesque medieval town on the northern coast of Sardinia, originally founded as the fortress “Castelgenovese” by the powerful Genoese Doria family in the 13th century. Its fascinating history is intertwined with the struggle for control over Sardinia between various noble families and the Aragonese. Explore the medieval castle, which is perched on a rocky promontory, and stroll through the labyrinthine streets in old town still protected by thick ancient fortress walls. Both Bonifacio and Castelsardo offer the chance to experience the blended history and culture set against the stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean coast, where the views are simply stunning.

Savor The Culinary Heritage Of The Islands

Men enjoying a glass of wine and toasting their time on the islands of Sardinia & Corsica

The cuisines of Sardinia and Corsica are distinct, as they each celebrate their islands’ agriculture. Sardinian cuisine reflects the island’s rugged terrain, with dishes showcasing local ingredients like grains, vegetables, meats, and seafood. Sample bottarga (cured fish roe) which is used to flavor dishes like spaghetti con la bottarga, as well as culurgiones (stuffed pasta similar to ravioli) filled with potato, mint, and pecorino cheese. Typical dishes often use locally grown fennel, tomatoes, artichokes, and eggplant, as well as Pecorino Sardo (aged sheep’s milk cheese) that they are proud to serve along with their local wines… buon appetito!

Corsican food blends French and Italian influences with unique local ingredients like chestnuts. Typical dishes including this locally harvested crop are pulenda (chestnut flour polenta) served with cheese and sausage and finish your meal with falculelle, which are chestnut flour pastries that are baked on a chestnut leaf. This French island is also known for its stews, so consider trying wild boar stew (Civet de Sanglier) or a bowl of fish soup made with locally caught seafood. Sampling the authentic cuisine of a region is just as important as sharing the traditional dishes with the locals. Join us to break bread with a shepherd as you sit together at a stone table in his garden for a homemade meal served on a corkwood plate. On each island, you’ll dine like (and with) the locals on this memorable trip of a lifetime.

Discover Corsica’s Historic Cauria Plateau and Monoliths

Discover the monoliths in Cauria Plateau of Corsica, France

Walk back in time with us, as you stroll up to the incredible monoliths on the Cauria Plateau. Located in southern Corsica near the town of Sartène, this important archaeological site dates back to the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age periods (around 2500-1500 BCE). These humanlike monuments have facial features and are posed for battle, a variation on stone monoliths created in places like Stonehenge. Get up close to the impressive structures to truly appreciate the engineering and artistic skills of the ancient locals. Hear historical tales from your expert local guide as they provide insight and lead the way on the nearby trails. Together you’ll explore Corsica’s archaeological heritage while enjoying the beautiful natural landscapes, on foot at eye level.

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Porto Cervo, Corsica

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