A stay at Skálakot Manor Luxury Hotel is a stay in the idealized Iceland that we all imagine: a cozy manor surrounded by rugged mountains, with easy access to waterfalls, glaciers, black sand beaches, and miles of lava fields covered with green, spongy moss. The gorgeous accommodation located in the countrysides of Southern Iceland has been owned by the same family for seven generations and wows for more reasons than just the spectacular landscape surrounding the establishment. With gables that echo the nearby mountains, the manor hotel and farm hybrid is a unique accommodation built for guests to enjoy a unique experience that is quintessentially Icelandic.

The Incredible Southern Iceland Landscape

As you approach the charming Skálakot Manor, the surrounding landscape in enough to take your breath away – located at the bottom of a jagged mountain-top, the scene is cinematic. Inside, the Skálakot Manor is complete with fourteen bedrooms, all seemingly inspired by Ralph Lauren’s idea of a luxury Icelandic farmhouse. The interior has hints of Art Deco paired with elegant fabrics. As a result, the rooms are characterized by natural materials and great craftsmanship. Traces of Icelandic culture are sprinkled throughout the accommodation and it doesn’t take long to feel at home.

Sited away from any light pollution, Skálakot Manor provides the perfect location to admire the Northern Lights. End your days at Skálakot joining the Icelandic tradition of a hot tub soak or enjoy a nightcap by the fireplace, perhaps planning the next days’ Icelandic adventure.

European northern lights and waterfall.

The Icelandic Farm-to-table Experience

One of the best aspects of this hotel, however, may be the charm and ease and welcoming service that accompanies staying at a family-run farm. The lively group of staff are passionate about working in the Icelandic countryside and their love for their home radiates as they welcome you on arrival. In addition to the manor hotel, the working farm is a joy to explore and is most well-known for raising the extraordinary breed of Icelandic horses, known around the world. The family has bred these short, sturdy, and shaggy horses for centuries and can answer any questions you may have about the engaging creatures. On Classic Journeys tours, you can join a guided Icelandic horseback tour of the property and surrounding area.

Energized from an action-packed day full of waterfall hikes or tectonic snorkeling, you can return and settle in to enjoy the (literally) farm-to-table menu in the dining room. The chef prepares candlelit dinners, as well as coffee and sweet cakes for an afternoon snack. And for breakfast expect to find a delicious buffet that includes Hafragrautur, the delicious oatmeal topped with fresh fruit that many Icelanders love.

The family-run Skálakot Manor and farm is the ideal location to enjoy the many wonders Iceland has to offer all while immersing yourself in Icelandic culture and feeling perfectly pampered with the stellar accommodation features.