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Iceland Tours

Sometimes in Iceland, when the sky turns orange, the puffins squawk, and you’re soaking in a steaming lake, you have to remind yourself that this is Earth, not Planet X. Other-worldly fun is what our Culture + WalkingMultisportFamily and Special Edition trips are all about. If you’re not walking on a black beach, you’re snorkeling in clear-as-glass water between tectonic plates or trotting on an Icelandic horse. Icelanders were recently proclaimed the “Friendliest People in the World”. With your local guide, you’ll learn just how true that is, whether you’re hot-tubbing with them at the Best Hotel in Iceland or exploring the super-hip scene in Reykjavik.

Iceland Culture + Walking

Guided by dyed-in-the-wool Icelanders, you’ll enjoy
the captivating chaos of Iceland’s nature, interwoven with fascinating Norse mythology.
Walk some of the most cinematic paths on the planet—over ancient glaciers,
vivid moss fields and black-sand beaches—to Viking ruins, waterfalls
and fishing villages for lunch with local families. 

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Iceland Multisport

Made by the mightiest forces of nature, Iceland is a world of
WOW moments waiting to happen. Venture into electric-blue ice caves.
Ride Icelandic horses over lava fields. Walk on a black-sand beach studded with ice diamonds.
Snorkel earth’s clearest water between tectonic plates.
See the Northern Lights. And more.

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Iceland Family

The ultimate family adventure: From Game of Thrones
beaches to wavy lava fields and the spectacular Northern Lights.
And from great whales to comical puffins and (so legend states) trolls turned into rocks.
All with your adventure hero, Viking-descended guide,
who brings Iceland alive for every generation.

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Iceland: Land Rover Defender Experience

The ride of your life.
On black-sand beaches, glacial tongues and rocky riverbeds in iconic Land Rover D110’s.
Flanked by volcanic peaks, luminous lagoons, and moss-green lava fields,
Iceland’s cinematic roads give you access to unforgettable
walks and explorations with your local adventure guide.

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Iceland: Your Way

Our trip of a lifetime reserved exclusively for your people. On your dates.
Or, a custom Iceland tour, created entirely around how you want to experience the land of Fire and Ice.

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Iceland Vacation FAQ

What airlines fly to Iceland?
Airlines that fly into Iceland include Icelandair, JetBlue, Deta, United, American & airBaltic

How long is the flight to Iceland?
Flight time to Iceland from USA:
The flight time to Iceland from New York is 5 hours 45 minutes. 
The flight time to Iceland from Los Angeles is 14.5 hours.

Flight time to Iceland from Canada:
The flight time to Iceland from Toronto is 5.5 hours
The flight time to Iceland from Vancouver is 12.5 hours. 

What is the best time of year to visit Iceland?
The best time to visit Iceland depends on what you want to experience:

- The best time of year to see the northern lights in Iceland: September - March 
- The best time of year to see whales in Iceland: April - October 
- The best time of year to see puffins in Iceland: April - June 
- The best time of year for the ice caves in Iceland: November – March 
- The best time of year for wildflowers in Iceland: June & July 
- The quietest time to visit Iceland: November – February 
- The warmest month in Iceland is usually July
- The coldest month in Iceland is usually January

Are activities included in Classic Journeys Iceland tours?
Yes! We've arranged all kinds of activities, as well as the necessary gear and expert guidance, and it's all covered in the cost of your trip. Sometimes you will be able to choose between two activities, or add an extra experience into your itinerary. 

Are meals included in Classic Journeys Iceland tours?
Yes, most of your meals are included with the price of your trip. You may have the occasional evening free to try a local restaurant of your choosing. You’ll find out which meals are included on which days on our itineraries.

What is the food like in Iceland?
Delicious! Breakfasts often include thick and creamy Icelandic skyr yoghurt with fresh berries, and spongy rye bread. For dinner, the lamb here is some of the best in the world because of the free-roaming and fresh air sheep enjoy. You’ll find it served in stews, soups and slow-roasted with vegetables. svið (sheep’s head) is a traditional Icelandic dish for adventurous eaters. Fish and seafood are Iceland’s main export and the seafood is incredible, from cod and salmon to mussels and lobsters. Look out for plokkfiskur, a hearty fish stew, and harðfiskur, dried fish (the local equivalent to beef jerky) which makes the perfect snack while you’re adventuring.

What is the best way to visit Iceland?
When royals and VIPs visit Iceland, they’re greeted by the same local guide as Classic Journeys guests. A local adventure guide who knows the island inside out gives you the greatest opportunity to enjoy all the best things that Iceland has to offer, from a glacier’s most cinematic ice cave to a village’s tastiest ice cream. 

What are the top things to see in Iceland?
- Vatnajokull Glacier ice caves
- Skogafoss waterfall 
- Blue Lagoon
- Northern Lights
- Black sand beach at Vik
- Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
- Diamond Beach
- Seljalandsfoss waterfall

What are the best wildlife experiences in Iceland? 
-    Spot the native Arctic fox 
-    Watching comical puffins in the springtime 
-    Watching whales, dolphins and seals
-    Meet and trek with Icelandic horses

What wildlife is there to see in Iceland?
-    Arctic fox 
-    Reindeer
-    Walrus
-    Whales
-    Dolphins
-    Harbor seal
-    Gray seal
-    Puffins
-    Icelandic horses
-    Polar bears

I like birdwatching. What birds can I see in Iceland?
Iceland has over 350 species of bird, including: 

-    Puffin
-    White-tailed eagle
-    Rock ptarmigan
-    Arctic tern
-    Great skua 
-    Great auk 
-    Alpine swift
-    Snowy owl

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