With Labor Day only just behind us, it’s easy to linger in the memory of summer. But if you’re thinking of traveling during this upcoming holiday season, you may want to ramp up your efforts. Recent studies have shown that international travel is best booked at least two months in advance. Couple that with the fact that the holiday season is often one of the busiest, and that means the time to book is now to guarantee availability and low-hassle. Are you long on desire but short on ideas? At Classic Journeys, we’re full of options to ensure holiday traveling is fun, exciting and, most of all, easy. 

Winter in the northern hemisphere means summer in the southern, which means it’s the perfect time to take the adventure tour of a lifetime. Our Galapagos Islands tour is geared towards families, with opportunities to visit giant tortoises, kayak and snorkel in crystal clear waters and relax in the elegant pools of boutique hotels. With three tour options from December 24-January 4 and one near Thanksgiving, our schedules ensure that you’ll make the most of school vacations during a busy time of year.

Woman with a sea lion in the Galapagos Islands

Skip the globe to another southern hemisphere destination: New Zealand. This island nation is so beautiful that it’s shown up in a number of movies–Lord of the Rings, anyone?–which means it’s the perfect backdrop for an outdoors-oriented vacation. Our walking tour dates span New Year’s Eve this year, which means you can ring in 2018 cruising in an America’s Cup yacht, tasting wine on Waiheke Island and trekking trails with snow-capped vistas.

Overlooking Queenstown

Spend December 29-January 7 in Southeast Asia this year. Our itinerary to visit Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos hits all of the main attractions of this fascinating region, which includes culinary, historical, architectural and natural highlights. Gaze at karst formations in Ha Long Bay from a private junk boat, stroll through Luang Prabang’s night market and climb the temples at Angkor Wat. Along the way, you’ll stay in chic boutique hotels and eat at some of the best restaurants. We can’t think of a better way to pass from one year into another.

Monks in front of a Temple

Mix active travel with a good dose of history by taking a tour to Cuba. The country’s tropical climate makes it the perfect winter weather destination and our cultural exchange tour is optimized for families, offering trips during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Our unique, educational People-to-People program offers visitors a glance into the lives of everyday Cubans, who are farmers, artists, teachers, cigar-makers and much more. 

Cuban Musician

Another perpetually warm destination, Morocco should be on any traveler’s shortlist. Both our family-oriented and culture + walking tours offer holiday travel tours for all kinds of adventurers. Guests will wander the labyrinthine streets of medinas, crest massive sand dunes, tour lush river gorges and visit the actual Kasbah. After seeing the sun rise over a sea of sand from a desert encampment, you’ll wonder why you ever chose to spend the holidays anywhere else.

Man leading a camel in Morocco