When you go on a vacation with your entire family, Costa Rica is a great place to go. There are so many cool things to do, it’s kinda like a trip there is made just for kids. With zip lining, monkeys and walking on a volcano — it doesn’t get any better than that. But actually, it does. Here are a few tips to make your Costa Rica family vacation over the top:

Rafting in Costa Rica

Top 5 Tips from a Teen:

1. Wear red when you go to the hummingbird garden. All of those tiny birds zooming around are sweet, but when they flock to you because of your red shirt (they love red because it looks like food), you will get to see them up close. Watch for their tiny tongue to pop out of their long beak!

2. Don’t pass up the zip line! It can be scary way up there, but the view is awesome and you’re right in the treetops so watch for monkeys!

3. Talk to the local kids. You’ll visit a school, and it’s really neat to talk to the kids and learn about their lives and how their school is different from yours at home.

4. Make friends with your guide. The people who guide you every day are really smart about the plants and animals in Costa Rica, which are way different than at home. They will help you spot sloths, toucans, and a bunch of different kinds of monkeys.

5. Whitewater rafting through the jungle is really exciting, but you should consider kayaking. When you paddle around the calm waters, you might see anteaters and these lizards that run across the top of the water! And again with the monkeys — they come out of trees and right up to your kayak.

These travel tips will help you totally rock your vacation, but remember: There are so many more things to do on this Costa Rica trip. You’ll go boogie boarding, snorkeling, walking on a sleeping volcano, exploring the jungle, and visiting an observatory with thousands of colorful butterflies flitting around and landing on you. Like I said, it’s a vacation made just for kids, and your parents will have fun, too!

Wildlife in Costa Rica

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