10. The History

Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, is one of the first English settlements in Canada and the second largest natural harbor in the world.

Captain of Sail Boat in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

9. The Bay of Fundy

Nova Scotia is known for its rugged coastline and expansive ocean views, and nowhere epitomizes this scene more than the Bay of Fundy. Hop a ferry to hike through the wildflowers on Brier Island.

A lighthouse in Nova Scotia

8. Whale watching

Every summer, many different varieties of whales—including Humpback, Minke, Fin and North Atlantic Right Whales—come to the Bay of Fundy to mate, play and feast on the bountiful supply of food.

Whale tail breeching in the ocean off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada


7. Sea Stories

Sea-faring lore abounds in Nova Scotia. Class Journeys guides share stories about shipwrecks, privateers, pirates and seafaring life that are certain to sate your appetite for tales of the sea.

Covering 381 square kilometers of island lakes and old-growth forests, Kejimkujic National Park is a world away from coastal Nova Scotia.

Small village on the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada

5. First Nation history

The 29 bands of the Mi’kmaq First Nation traded with and guided the first Europeans who sailed up the St. Lawrence River. Explore thousands of years of Mi’kmaq culture as you paddle the waterways in a Kejimkujik National Park in a traditional canoe.

4. The lobster

No food is more associated with Nova Scotia, but did you know that lobster was regarded as “throwaway” food that washed up on the shore?

A boy holding a lobster in Nova Scotia

3. Fishing villages

The quant fishing village of Lunenburg was the first British Colonial settlement in Nova Scotia. Today it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the streets of Old Town still follow the original town plan of 1754.

Lunenburg Fishing Company in Nova Scotia, Canada

2. The sea

Take to the sea on the Eastern Star, a 48-foot wooden ketch, for a memorable sail past lighthouses and Lunenburg’s historic waterfront.

1. The people

With a population descending from First Nation people, Vikings, Europeans, Africa-Canadians and many more influences, Nova Scotia’s citizens are truly a melting pot of diversity and independent-minded resourcefulness.

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