When you take an amazing trip, you want to take photos that will stir memories when you share them with friends and family years from now. You want them to remind you of the sounds and smells as well as the beautiful sights of the dynamic destination you visited. Use the tips below to ensure you capture the moments and preserve the memories of your trip indefinitely. Also, see more great travel tips before you set out on your next journey.

If your camera is new, get to know it before your trip. The last thing you want is to miss the perfect shot of a baby sea lion on your Galapagos vacation.

Woman and baby sea lion


Don’t forget batteries and chargers, travel adapter, extra photo storage or cloud storage. You’ll want to take so many photos so you have a wide variety to choose from when you get home. Be sure you can capture them all with plenty of storage.

Get a waterproof case. It’s just a smart move if you are going to be anywhere near water. Plus, it allows you to capture sea-level photographs that you would dare do without the waterproof case.

Do research before you go to have an idea of the places you want to shoot. Many destinations will have a variety of “must-have” shots. Knowing ahead of time can give you an opportunity to plan your photos and make sure you don’t miss anything. You wouldn’t want to miss the bright colors and funky design of Callejón de Hamel when you visit Cuba.

Don’t shoot everything from eye level. Choose a new angle. Putting the camera on the ground is a great way to capture a new perspective that will add visual interest to your photos. A great way to shoot a plate of food is from directly over the top including some of the table setting in the image.

Italian sausages and cheese

Remember to shoot horizontal and vertical. No one wants every photo in the memory book to look the same. Remember to turn your camera vertical for some shots —especially when the angle will allow you to capture more of your subject. Think outside the box and experiment with other angles as well.

Try to include a person in shots that need something to express the scale. When you’re visiting the 13th-century monastery, Certosa, in Capri, the best way to capture the scale of the ornate structure is to include a person in the shot. Capture your travel companion in a candid shot. Important travel tips: if you choose to shoot locals, be sure you know local customs to avoid offending anyone, and always ask permission.

Shoot details as well as overall shots. After you take that overall shot of Certosa, get up close and take some artistic shots of the ornate details of the building. Flowers look amazing when you shoot them in macro mode up close and personal.

Take night shots of cities. Cityscapes look beautiful when shot at night capturing the variety of lights and action. If you plan to take many night shots, bring a compact but sturdy tripod to ensure the camera is perfectly still for longer exposures.

Croatia at night

Get up early to capture the bustle — especially if the locale is warm — and great morning light. Often a city or market is bustling early in the morning. Set your alarm and get out there early to get the best shots of the local lifestyle.

Think about framing your shot. Capture your subject off-center in the frame as opposed to dead center. This makes for a well-composed shot with visual interest. Zoom in and out and move around a bit until you get the perfect composition.

Use the flash when you’re taking photos in the sun to brighten shadowy areas. Most people think of flash as something you need when shooting in the dark. However, sunlight can cause harsh shadows on faces and the like. Counteract them with the flash for the best daytime photos.