Recently, I received an email from a lawyer who lives in New York. He traveled with us about three years ago on our Amalfi Coast culinary tour in Italy. I’ll let Carl take it from there in his own words.

“My wife and I participated on your Amalfi Coast culinary tour several years ago. It was amazing. The food, the Classic Journeys guide, the cooking lessons, the wine; everything. I have been a lawyer for 25 years. Since I took the tour I have become very interested in Italian cooking. During the past three months I have retired from the law and I am now a student at the Italian Culinary Academy in NYC. In June I will go back to Italy for five months of cooking classes at ALMA and then have an internship in a Michelin rated restaurant in Italy. I can honestly say that the Classic Journeys’ Amalfi Coast culinary tour was the catalyst for this career change. I have traveled all over the world, to Africa, India, and Europe; and I own a summer house in Sweden. I am a seasoned traveler. Classic Journeys is amazing. It was a life altering experience in a very good way!”

A handmade pizza by an Italian chef on the Amalfi Coast

Wow! It’s certainly gratifying to hear that sort of praise and to know that some of our guests connected to the people, the region and the activities on our trip so closely. Mind you, I am not saying that this is an everyday occurrence for us, or even that it should be. In fact, we’re quite happy when guests just have a memorable week-long break in their otherwise busy lives and careers. And with tours around the world, we have a nice variety of ways for guests to escape from the ordinary. Even if they happily return to it without any earthshaking changes to their lives.

If your travels have led you to any major changes in your own life (or you’d like more details on Classic Journeys Amalfi Coast culinary tour), let us know!

A sunset on the coast of Amalfi.

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