While on tour with Classic Journeys in Norway, sisters Mary and Sydney asked if we could help them arrange a visit to an ancestral family farm. Without missing a beat, our team in-country jumped into action to facilitate a remarkable step into the past.

Local guide, Vibeke, networked and pulled a few strings to find the farm in the tiny village of Kvale gård… and even took them there! Vibeke knew the current owners of the farm, making it possible to visit the property. With a little online research, Vibeke also located an article about a man who was born on the farm along with pictures that we were able to share with the guests.

Mary raves that “Vibeke exceeded all our hopes. She arranged opportunities for us to hear about the life and times of our ancestors’ immigration to the U.S.” And as Sydney notes, “we not only visited the ancestral farm in the stunningly beautiful countryside but also an emigrant departure wharf in Bergen.” The sisters came home with closer connections to the Norwegian family and to each other.