International Beer Day is a cause for celebration in pubs, breweries, and backyards all over the world. Beer is an international language of sorts; whether you’re in rural Ireland, the streets of Spain, the beaches of Costa Rica, or exploring Indochina there will — without a doubt — be a local spot to stop and enjoy a brewski. Beer is one of the most consumed beverages in the world and has been enjoyed by almost all cultures throughout human history. It’s a day for beer-lovers to raise a glass to our brewers, bartenders, and fellow fanatics and rejoice in the greatness of beer! To celebrate, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the most popular beers in destinations around the world with help from Vinepar, who mapped out the world’s favorite beers by cross-referencing corporate earnings and research reports: 


This beer (cerveza) is enormously popular in Spain, specifically in the Andalucian region of the country. In the steamy-hot and vibrant city of Seville or the white-wash hilltop villages, there is no shortage of this refreshing lager and Spaniards knock it down with enthusiasm. Order a caña (small glass) and a table of tapas at a sidewalk bar to enjoy the region’s favorite beverage like a local.  


This brew is as common in Laos as exquisite temples and troops of young backpackers. Venture into the night markets of Luang Prabang to taste local cuisine and wash it down with an ice-cold Beerlao. The beer is brewed from local rice and malt from Europe, giving it a unique flavor. The green and orange labels with a tiger will appear in every bar, shop, restaurant, and roadside stand in the country. A trip to Laos will not be complete without tasting the country’s most popular lager.  


No surprise here, Guinness takes the #1 spot for the most popular beer in Ireland. The draught is distinctively dark with a sweet-smelling coffee and malty taste. This iconic beer is well known around the world and has been brewed since 1959. This beer is so iconic, in fact, there is a specific way in which you should pour a proper Guinness ⁠— they say a whole 119.53 seconds make up the “perfect pour”. See how it’s made at the Guinness Factory in Dublin or have a taste test for yourself in a Killarney pub. 


The people of the Czech Republic are known for loving their beer, they consume more beer capita than anywhere else in the world. Pilsner Urquell has been brewed since 1842 and is known as the first ‘pilsner’ lager in the world. A thick head of dense wet foam adds smoothness and seals in the unique flavors and aromas of this Czech brew. Fill up a glass in a local beer hall or Czech pub and say “na zdraví” as you toast.


The American light lager, Bud Light, is the number one consumed beer in the United States. The famous blue can is a staple at sporting events or backyard barbeques across the country. Refreshing and light, Americans raise a can and chant “dilly dilly” whether they’re gathered in a bar in the city or camping in some of the great national parks like Zion or the Grand Canyon


It doesn’t get more British than sitting down to drink a pint at a local city pub in London or at a charming small-town cafe in the Cotswolds region. Carling beer, founded in 1840, is the number one selling brew among brits — which is impressive considering England is one of the top beer-drinking countries in the world. 

ITALY Peroni 

Although Italy is most widely known for its fine wines and spectacular vineyards, beer is still a beverage of choice for many Italians over lunch or dinner. “La Peroni” is one of Italy’s best-known beers and is the perfect ice-cold drink to enjoy on a hot Roman night along the Tiber river. Peroni has been in business since 1864 and continues to be one of the most successful beers worldwide for a reason. 

SCOTLANDTennent’s Lager

Beer has been brewed, tasted, and decidedly perfected in Scotland after having brewed the beverage as far back as Neolithic times. The popular Tennent’s Lager is known as ‘Scotland’s Best Selling Pint’ and has been made since 1885. It’s composed of 100% Scottish barley which makes it a truly local beer and should be enjoyed near the grand base on Edinburgh castle or on a break from strolling the Scottish countryside.  

CHINASnow Beer

This Chinese beer takes the cake for the top-selling beer brand in the world in terms of volume since 2008. While exploring the streets of Bejing or cruising down the Li River, it would be a crime not to live like a local and taste the beer that is officially the most consumed beer in the world.  


Singha Beer is not only the most popular brew in Thailand but is also very well-known throughout all of Southeast Asia. This malt beer dates back to 1933 and can be found from the beaches of Phuket to the hills of Chiang Mai. The Thai mythical lion printed on the label is meant to represent the king of the jungle that exudes power, strength, and leadership. Insider tip: when you order one of these brews, make sure to pronounce the Thai beer as ‘Sing’ (no ‘ha’ on the end of it).  

So, in the name of International Beer Day, we urge you to celebrate by raising a glass of your favorite brew from your favorite destination and toasting to the international language that is beer. Salute! ไชโย. Prost! Na zdravi. Cheers!