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  • The holiday season has arrived, and while we’re always busy dreaming of new destinations and travel experiences, we know there are stockings to be stuffed and gifts to be wrapped. 

    As a travel lover yourself, there’s bound to be at least one or two loved ones on your holiday gift list who are equally as passionate about all things travel. Here at Classic Journeys, our team logs hundreds of hours of flight time each year, jet setting around the globe from Morocco and Italy to Chile and Vietnam. So, we’ve tested first-hand multitudes of travel accessories, gear and must-haves and curated only the best into our holiday gift guide for world travelers.

    Read on below for personal recommendations for everything from the best travel bags to must-haves for air travel, straight from the Classic Journeys team of experts.

    Holiday Gift Guide for World Travelers - Contour Eyemask
    Courtesy of Flight 001

    Flight 001 Eyemask Contoured
    "This sleeping mask is a must whenever I get on a long flights. It's a bit more comfortable compared to other eye masks because it's slightly raised and doesn't touch your eyes. The velcro straps also make it adjustable."

    - Edward P., Classic Journeys President & Founder

    Holiday Gift Guide for World Travelers - Cashmere Wrap
    Courtesy of J.Jill

    J.Jill Cashmere Wrap
    "I always get chilly on flights, so this ultra-soft and versatile cashmere wrap is my go-to item to keep me warm – while not sacrificing on style or luxury. It doubles as a blanket - exactly what I need to stay cozy and comfortable during my flights – and compliments my outfits as a scarf when out at night having dinner or colder days spent exploring European cities."
    - Susan P., Classic Journeys CFO

    Holiday Gift Guide for World Travelers - Bestek Adapter
    Courtesy of Amazon

    Universal Travel Adapter and Voltage Converter 
    "This all-in-one adapter and converter is a must for international travels - saving you from accidentally frying your electronics abroad. It also features USB slots and plugs, so it’s ideal for charging all kinds of devices."
    - Kristin F., Affinity Program & Guest Services Manager

    Holiday Gift Guide for World Travelers - TRTL Pillow
    Courtesy of Amazon
    Trtl Super Soft Travel Pillow 
    "This travel pillow is a dream – and our team has tested A LOT. It is relatively compact, way more comfortable than blow-up travel pillows, and keeps you from the dreaded head bobble. There’s nothing better than waking up in a new destination feeling actually rested and ready for adventure!"
    - Amy G., Guest Services Manager

    Holiday Gift Guide for World Travelers - Away Bigger Carry-on
    Courtesy of Away Travel

    Away Bigger Carry-On

    "Classic Journeys founder Edward Piegza has always bragged to me about being able to fit everything he needs for any of our tours into a carry-on. Don’t want to check luggage and wait for it post-flight? Perfect. This Bigger Carry-On from Away was recommended by him, and I absolutely love it! Everything I need fits in this luggage that never has to leave my side on flights. It also comes with a battery that can charge your phone and a TSA-approved lock."
    - Kelli K., Senior Tour Operations Coordinator

    Holiday Gift Guide for World Travelers - Priority Pass

    Priority Pass
    "Long layover? Who cares – I’ll bring this pass with me as long as I can live that lounge life. Priority pass provides access to 1300+ lounges all around the world, meaning more comfortable seats, complimentary snacks and drinks, and peaceful, relaxing spaces await you wherever you go. Plus, members enjoy special savings on airport shopping, spa and dining worldwide. Annual membership comes at an affordable price and includes 24-hour support, a mobile app and new perks daily."
    - Kristin F., Affinity Program & Guest Services Manager

    User-added image
    Courtesy of Arden Cove

    Arden Cove Anti-Theft Crossbody Purses or Backpacks
    "A good travel bag is arguably one of the most essential travel accessories, and just like neck pillows, we’ve tried them all! These Arden Cove bags are slash-resistant and have locking zippers and chain straps so you don’t have to worry about a lost passport or losing your sunnies. Plus, they have built-in card slots that are lined with RFID blocking materials to keep your identity and credit cards safe. And, they’re waterproof for unexpected weather while traveling!"
    - Courtney P., Guest Services Coordinator

    Holiday Gift Guide for World Travelers - Leatherology Jewelry Travel Case
    Courtesy of Leatherology

    Leatherology Jewelry Travel Case

    "I love jewelry, and even if I only wear a single pair of earrings throughout a trip, I need to have options. This case is sleek (definitely get it monogrammed! I opted for black with gold initials), just the right size for your carry on, and organizes and protects all my jewelry. It’s the right price point for easy gifting to your accessory-loving travelers. I literally never go anywhere without it."
    - Jessica K., Marketing and Brand Manager

    Holiday Gift Guide for World Travelers - Packing Cubes
    Courtesy of Eagle Creek

    Eagle Creek Packing Cubes
    "Travel packing cubes are amazing to fit a LOT of clothing in a carry-on or checked bag…I use these all the time wherever I go! They come in various colors and prints for style lovers, and there are also more lightweight and water-resistant options for your move adventurous travel destinations. Keeps things compact so you have more room in your suitcase to bring home fun goodies from your travels!"
    - Courtney P., Guest Services Coordinator

    Holiday Gift Guide for World Travelers - Mist
    Courtesy of Allies of Skin

    Allies of Skin’s Molecular Saviour Probiotics Repair Mist
    "Defined as “a godsend for thirsty skin,” the Molecular Saviour Probiotics Repair Mist by skincare haven Allies of Skin is a perfect hybrid of alcohol-free aloe and rosewater infused with a harmonizing blend of Probiotics and 6 Antioxidants. You’ll find this award-winning mist is perfect when you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up or refresher throughout a long flight or stopover, or count on its restorative nutrients to counteract the effects of jetlag and travelers’ fatigue. The best part? Your new favorite go-to has no silicones, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes or fragrances, mineral oils and is never tested on animals!"
    - Michelle B., Guest Services Coordinator

    Holiday Gift Guide for World Travelers - Travel Blazer
    Courtesy of Athleta

    Athleta Travel Blazer

    "Want to wear sweats to the airport, but not look like you’re wearing sweats? This blazer is the best type of Athleisure. You’ll look put together (even if you’re not! *speaking from experience*)."
    - Kristin F., Affinity Program & Guest Services Manager 

    Holiday Gift Guide for World Travelers - Leather Tech Wallet
    Courtesy of Leatherology

    Leatherology Tech Cord Roll
    "The perfect stocking stuffer. Nothing drives me crazier than pulling my phone charger out of my bag and 8 billion things come with it. The Italian leather is high-quality, ensuring your tech cord roll will last over many travels – plus, it comes in a range of color options!"
    - Joanna T., Digital Marketing Specialist

    Holiday Gift Guide for World Travelers - Carry-on Cocktail Kit
    Courtesy of Food52

    Carry-On Cocktail Kits
    "I never indulge on the journey TO somewhere (save your energy and immune system for wheels down in your new exciting destination), but on the way home, it’s a different story. Mix something a bit more elevated than plastic mini wines and either ease the sorrow of your vacation being over or reflect on your recent experiences with your travel companion over a proper cocktail. The cute travel tins are TSA-approved, fit perfectly into a stocking, and include options for a wide range of tastes, from Old Fashioneds and Moscow Mules to Margaritas and Hot Toddys. Cheers!"
    - Jessica K., Marketing and Brand Manager

    Holiday Gift Guide for World Travelers - Day Cream
    Courtesy of Allies of Skin

    Allies of Skin’s Molecular Multi-Nutrient Day Cream

    "Your skin should be the last of your stresses when you’re on the go, so count on Allies of Skin’s Molecular Multi-Nutrient Day Cream to revive your complexion and protect your skin no matter where in the world you are. Don’t be fooled by its size – this cream is supercharged with 8 Hydrators, 10 Antioxidants and a 12.5% Nutrient Complex that reduce redness and inflammation while leaving you with a soft glow and feeling of serenity."
    - Michelle B., Guest Services Coordinator

    Holiday Gift Guide for World Travelers - Bose Headphones
    Courtesy of Bose

    Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II
    "To cancel ALL the noise. Crying baby? No biggie. A person who likes to talk on planes? Can’t hear you! Just watch out because I always sleep through the meal service with these things – and I don’t want to miss out on my complimentary mini wines. You can also pair the Bose headphones with this mask."
    - Kristin F., Affinity Program & Guest Services Manager

    Holiday Gift Guide for World Travelers - Patagonia Jacket
    Courtesy of Patagonia

    Patagonia Performance Better Sweater Fleece Jacket
    "The perfect piece for a put-together athleisure travel outfit. It’s just the right weight for both rushing through airports and sitting on a freezing plane, or going from sunny SoCal to my hometown Chicago in the winter. The chest pocket holds my phone and my passport for getting through security lines easily, the fabric has the perfect amount of stretch for playing contortionist to find a comfortable sleeping position, and the fitted cut makes me feel somewhat polished when deplaning even when just pairing it with leggings and TOMS."
    - Jessica K., Marketing and Brand Manager

    Holiday Gift Guide for World Travelers - Amazon Fire
    Courtesy of Amazon

    Amazon Fire HD8

    "For those of us that love to read, but don’t have space, I hold true to a great Amazon tablet.  Although it has all your favorite apps for watching TV and movies, I love the idea of having this tiny tablet for storing tons of books. It won’t replace your iPad, but this tablet gets you all the essentials for under $80.00 and is a great gift for travelers."
    - Adam H., Senior Tour Operations Coordinator

    Hopefully, our holiday gift guide for travelers has covered many of your gifting needs for your favorite globetrotters this season. 

    For the ultimate gift, consider giving the gift of travel experiences, which studies have been shown to make us happier above material things. Just contact our team to learn more about upcoming travel tours you can book and wrap up with a bow – truly a gift that will last a lifetime!

    Wishing you all a very happy festive season, and cheers to upcoming travel adventures in the new year!

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