Today is International Day of Friendship — an excellent opportunity to appreciate your loved ones and cherish the friendships in your life. The holiday was created in 2011 by the UN General Assembly in order to foster the idea that friendships can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities. On this day, the UN encourages a celebration of your relationships and friendships between individuals, countries, cultures and beyond. What better way to bond with friends, create new ones and connect communities than through a friend-inspired getaway. Whether you’re looking to escape to a remote beach, explore the great outdoors, galavant through a big city or take a cultural tour, these locations are guaranteed to deliver a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with friends. 


There’s no better place to spend time with friends than sitting around a dinner table bonding over the perfect plate of gnocchi in butter and sage paired with a glass of house wine—far better, however, if this dinner table happens to be in the hills of Tuscany. Taking a culinary tour of Italy is a wonderful way to explore the country, delight your tastebuds and learn Italian cooking secrets alongside a group of friends. Chat for hours over wine tastings and catch up as you stroll through vineyards. Get the chance to make new friends in the kitchen, as you visit cheesemakers, bakeries and local chefs and experience firsthand how Italians cook and eat at home. (We’ll bet that you make even more friends upon return when you bring back a secret recipe for the best crostata di ricotta around town). 

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A trip full of cultural immersion to Cuba’s Caribbean paradise may be the perfect vacation for your group of friends if you enjoy exploring the fascinating history, lounging on beautiful beaches and sitting at a streetside restaurant with a Cuba Libre and cigar in hand. Enjoy time with one another as you explore the colorful colonial cities of Cienfuegos and Trinidad and exchange looks of awe as you tour Havana‘s 500-year-old city center and Hemingway’s home. This destination is the perfect combination for lovers of history who have an appreciation for white-sand beaches and a rich and vibrant culture. Your group will not be disappointed as you ride down the oceanside Malecòn in a vintage convertible as the sun sets.  

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There is no bad occasion to visit the south of France. But this destination is perfect for a group trip with your nearest and dearest. Think quiet country trails that wind through cherry orchards beneath rustic perched villages. Meander through the ribbons of purple lavender that drape the hills surrounding Sénanque Abbey and bask in the legendary sunlight as you chat for hours. Lunches will end with ripe figs and goat cheese—all washed down with a sip of chilled rosé. Make sure your group stops to shop in the colorful village markets featuring fresh cheeses, fruits, wines and other local products that make for the perfect midday picnic.  

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Dalmatian Coast – Croatia 

The red rooftops of Dubrovnik and the sweeping vistas along the Adriatic sea are enough to ignite a desire to visit the stunning Dalmatian Coast. If you and your friends are Game of Thrones fans, this ancient city just so happens to be the setting of the infamous King’s Landing. As you explore the city on this gorgeous bay, imagine for a moment that you’re sitting in the site of the Iron Throne itself. Game of Thrones obsessions aside, this region feels undisturbed and offers a provocative glimpse into the past that will excite your group of travelers. The region’s balmy weather, geography and natural beauty paired with friendly locals and delicious food make this destination one of our most popular destinations for groups. 

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Santa Fe & Taos 

The glories of the American Southwest have drawn in centuries of cultures and visitors from far and wide. People flock to this enchanting area of the United States for a reason. Every view seems to have a backdrop of mountains, the air is clear, and the sage-strewn plateaus and art-lined streets will keep you and your friends charmed and enthused for days. Explore the architectural wonder of Santa Fe, stroll through the streets of Taos Pueblo, and marvel at the ancient cliff-dwellings of Anasazi Indians. If you enjoy art, architecture and fine regional food—you and your friends will not want this journey to end. 

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Traveling with a group of friends can be full of wonderful bonding moments—discovering common interests, sharing laughs and creating memories you will remember long after you’ve returned home. In the name of International Day of Friendship, call up your pals and start planning a trip! No better excuse to travel than reconnection with loved ones, bonding with some of your closet friends and creating connections with foreign cultures and communities around the world!