Yes, that means all those breathtaking landscapes your jaw has dropped over are real! From Croatia to Morocco – GOT is endlessly praised for its picturesque backdrops and holds quite the record for medieval cities and remote destinations. And lo and behold, Classic Journeys visits quite a few of these sites on our trips! Read on to see the five GOT destinations where we travel.


Game of thrones filming location in morocco
Game of thrones filming location in morocco

Slaver’s Bay, where Daenarys meets the army of the Unsullied was filmed in the Morocco. On our Morocco adventures, unforgettably exotic experiences fill every day. You’ll walk (or bike if you prefer) in lush oases full of date palms and fields. You’ll meet shepherd families and squeeze past donkey carts as you explore the Medieval maze of the Medina of Fés. In Marrakesh, you’ll haggle your way through the souks and see snake charmers, and have dinner in one of the city’s finest private mansions. All along the way, you’ll stay in lovely hotels, every one with a swimming pool. And the best surprise of all is the warmth with which the Moroccans welcome you and make you feel comfortable and well cared for in this gorgeous exotic land.


Ireland game of thrones filming location

Ireland is the backdrop for GOT scenes such as Dragonstone Beach, The Iron Irelands, Kingsroad and Winterfell. On our Ireland Culture + Walking Adventure, we’ll take you on easy walks on Ireland’s high peninsulas and wild seashores. It’s stunningly beautiful (as you’ve seen on the show). And the people are even warmer and more good-humored than the cliché. And from stately Killarney to sheep-clogged country lanes overlooking the sea, you’ll get a complete and memorable taste of Irish life.

Game of thrones filming location iceland
Game of thrones filming location iceland

The scenes beyond The Wall have been filmed at various locations around Iceland. It’s still a land of chaotic, supremely beautiful nature. Whether you’re marveling at an endless colony of cartoonish puffins or watching the clouds turn shades of sherbet at sunset, you’ll experience this place with remarkable intensity. And today’s Icelanders are a colorful, cordial lot as you’ll discover at every stop! Travel to Iceland on Classic Journeys’ Culture + Walking adventure and you’ll dig into a lobster feast, soak in a geothermal spa and stay in luxury hotels that capture the island’s unique vibe.


Game of thrones filming location in croatia

On this earth, we have never seen anywhere more beautiful than the southern coast of Croatia. Even the grandeur of Dubrovnik—for 500 years the peer of Venice—didn’t prepare us for the simple, sweeping vistas along the Adriatic. That’s why it’s so fitting that it’s the location site for the infamous King’s Landing! Again and again, you’ll see a red-tiled roof or a gorgeous little bay and imagine for a moment that you’re in the site of the Iron Throne itself. But this is definitely Croatia; adventure will find you on leisurely walking tours where the tempo is slower, more peaceful. And you’ll find it incredibly easy to engage with the locals.


Game of thrones filming location Spain
Game of thrones filming location spain

“Unbowed, unbent, unbroken” – the notorious words of House Martell. The scenes in the south of Dorne were shot in stunning Spain, specifically Seville, and the iconic Long Bridge to Volantis was shot in Cordoba. Spain is an intense and exciting land full of contrast. Our Culture + Walking and Family adventures introduce you to the people of Spain and immerse you in their diverse lives. From the intricacy of Moorish palaces to stylish cosmopolitan promenades, you’ll get an unforgettable look at a country where a thousand years of fierce history and easy-going 21st style blend perfectly in culture, architecture and truly remarkable food.