If we could live anywhere, it would be Croatia. Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe Dalmatia’s Adriatic coastline or Istrian vineyards that Napa should envy. Think cinematic Dubrovnik (aka King’s Landing on “Game of Thrones”), Rovinj perched on the tip of a peninsula, and harbor-side Hvar. This is a country where you can do an artisanal olive-oil tasting lesson, take a country walk a million miles from anywhere, and rest up afterward at a 5-star hotel by the sea, all in the same day. You’ll find it incredibly easy to engage with the locals. This is one of our favorite destinations and we are convinced that you will agree. Here are seven of our favorite things to do in Croatia. 

#1 Explore the medieval city of Dubrovnik
Enjoy a day learning about Dubrovnik’s fascinating history and admiring its beautifully preserved limestone buildings with red-tiled roofs, quaint streets with charming shops and cafes, and massive walls that allow us to experience the city from many vantage points.

View of Dubrovnik, Croatia

#2 Follow scenic coastal paths 
Just a short distance from Dubrovnik you can follow along scenic paths that have been used for centuries by shepherds. Almost every step of the way, the Adriatic is in sight, with olive trees and cypress to frame the view.

Adriatic Coastline in Croatia

#3 Visit Lokrum Island
Just a short ferry ride, Lokrum Island is an uninhabited, beautiful nature reserve with botanical gardens, a fortress, and a lake in the middle of the island. Spend the day admiring the wonderful wildlife, and picturesque clear blue waters while taking the time to stop for a picnic and swim.

Lake on Lokrum Island, Croatia

#4 Lunch & wine-tasting
Accept an invitation to our friend, Mario, and his father Teo’s winery. With our incredible hosts, participate in a tasting of the family treasures, accompanied by local cheeses, meats, olives, and fruits served in the cellar and tasting room.

Group at a lunch and wine tasting, Croatia

#5 Stay at the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik
Built in 1895 and renovated in 2005, the hotel blends Belle Epoque style with comfort and technology. Spacious guest rooms, decorated in wood and marble finishes, overlook gardens and rooftops of old Dubrovnik.

View from terrace of the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik

#6 Scenic countryside walk
Venture out on a walk through lavender fields and olive groves that leads us to a working olive mill where we’re treated to a tasting of the locally produced olive oil and bread.

View of an Olive tree and the coastline of Croatia

#7 Hvar & Jelsa
Capture the essence of Hvar, “as golden as the honey the island is famous for.” Vineyards, lavender fields and honey-colored buildings line our route to the coastal village of Jelsa. In Jelsa enjoy lunch at a local agriturismo.

Hvar Harbor, Croatia

If you’d like to do all these activities, plus a little more, without the hassle of logistics—join a Classic Journeys’ culture + walking or family adventure to Croatia. You’ll have the trip of a lifetime!