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  • Norway is jam-packed with scenery that will leave you awestruck. We're talking majestic mountains, awesome fjords, thundering waterfalls, green meadows, and whisper-quiet lakes. With all this tremendous nature, the activities are endless. You'll enjoy picturesque train rides, glacier trekking, kayaking amid icebergs, exploring remote villages, and so much more. Through it all, you’ll learn about Vikings, Arctic explorers, farmers, and fishermen. Needless to say, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the wonders Norway has to offer. So, to help you out, we've rounded up our top 7 experiences for a fascinating and fun Nordic journey.

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    #1 OSLO
    Start in Oslo and take a guided walk through the city center. Visit City Hall and the Viking Ship Museum with 9th-century vessels that were recovered from ancient burial grounds. 

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    The famous Flåm Railway has a reputation for being one of the most spectacular train rides in the world. Cinematic views include snow-capped mountains, beautiful waterfalls and peaceful green meadows on your way to the valley below.

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    Explore the deepest reaches of the Jostedalen Valley, with its spectacular landscape created by glaciers from the last Ice Age. Kayak on the glacier-fed lake, then strap on your crampons and safety gear for an unforgettable stroll across the glacier itself. 

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    When in Norway, you expect valleys and glaciers wherever you go, but the Jostedalsbreen glacier in the quaint town of Tungestølen is on another level. It is one of the largest glaciers in continental Europe—and wow, it is breathtaking. (Insider tip: While in Tungestølen, try Rømmegrøt: a Norwegian pudding. You'll thank us later.) 

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    #5 SOLVORN 
    In Norway’s rugged terrain, the fjords were the primary transportation routes for centuries, and even today it’s easy to experience the remoteness of the villages on their farthest shores. Solvorn is a great example. Deep inland, yet connected to the sea by the fjords, this charming wooden village has been a trade and governmental center since the Middle Ages. 

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    #6 MT. FLØYEN
    Board the scenic funicular that departs from the heart of the Bergen for Mt. Fløyen. Here, atop the mountain, admiring the sunset, you have a view that provides a panoramic view over the entire city and out to the sea.

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    #7 BERGEN
    Explore the history and architecture of Bergen. Head to the bustling harborside fish market and stroll among the weather-beaten fishmongers and fishermen. On the eastern side of the harbor, enter the Hanseatic Quarter of Bryggen, designated a UNESCO historical and cultural district. 

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