How well do you know North America?

Find out here by taking the ultimate geography test.

Whether you test yourself, share it around the supper table or host a Zoom trivia night, this is the ultimate test of how well you know the continent.

See how you fare with these eight rounds of North America trivia, there are 40 points to be won!

Good luck!

Round 1: Count Your Countries
How many countries are there in North America? 2, 3, 16 or 23

Round 2: Popularity Contest
Rank these cities in the order of most visited: Miami, Los Angeles, Cancun, New York, Las Vegas

Round 3: Populous Contest
Name the three most populous countries in North America.

Round 4: Know Your National Parks  
Identify these 4 US National Parks:

Joshua Tree

(on Zoom, you can share this on your screen, make it into a virtual background or save this image and send to the group)

Bonus question: Name the US State with the most National Parks.

Round 5: Hawaii 5-O
Which Hawaiian Island has no people. Is it Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau, or Kahoolawe?

Round 6: Canada vs USA
The answer is simple, either Canada or the USA, you just have to choose which!

1 – Which country consumes more donuts?
2 – Which country consumes more pasta?
3 – Which country consumes more cheese?
4 – Which country drinks the most tea?
5 – Which country drinks the most orange juice?
6 – Which country has the highest mountain?
7 – Which country has the biggest forest?
8 – Which country has the deepest lake?
9 – Which country has the longest coastline?
10 – Which country has the longest bridge?

Round 7: Sweet States

Match these 5 US states:


With their official foods:

Whoopie Pie
Key Lime Pie

Round 8: City clues

1 – This Canadian seaport city is nicknamed “Hollywood of the North,” is the birthplace of Greenpeace and is said to be one of the friendliest, happiest and healthiest cities in the world.

2 – Travel + Leisure named this the Number 1 city in the USA. It’s the birthplace of American golf, was nicknamed the Holy City and is the hometown of Bill Murray.

3 – This is the oldest city in the Americas. It’s nicknamed “The City of Palaces” and is the world’s biggest Spanish-speaking city.

4 – This is the third largest city in the USA. It’s nickname is “The Windy City” and it is the USA’s railroad capital.

5 – This French-speaking city hosted Canada’s first Olympics and the world’s first hockey game was played here.

6 – The “mile high city,” this place gets 300 days of sunshine a year and brews more beer than anywhere else in the USA.

7 – This city used to be called York. It’s Canada’s most populous city and the country’s only city with representation in 7 major league sports.

8 – This city is the home of Classic Journeys but its top employed is the US Navy. It grows more avocados than anywhere else in the United States.

9 – This French-speaking city is over 400 years old and is regarded as the home of poutine.

10 – This enormous city could hold the cities of New York, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, Washington and Miami. Its name was the first word spoken on the moon!


Round 1
23 (max points: 1)

Round 2
USA, Canada, Mexico  (max points: 3)

Round 3
New York, Miami, LA, Vegas, Cancun (max points: 5)

Round 4
1 Grand Canyon, 2 Joshua Tree, 3 Glacier National Park, 4 Yellowstone. Bonus question: California (max points: 5)

Round 5
Kahoolawe (max points: 1)

Round 6
1 Canada, 2 Canada, 3 USA, 4 Canada, 5 Canada, 6 USA, 7 USA, 8 Canada, 9 Canada, 10 USA (max points: 10)

Round 7
Connecticut & Snickerdoodle, Iowa & S’mores, Louisiana & Beignets, Florida & Key Lime Pie, Maine & Whoopie Pie (max points: 5)

Round 8
1 Vancouver, 2 Charleston, 3 Mexico City, 4 Chicago, 5 Montreal, 6 Denver, 7 Toronto, 8 San Diego, 9 Quebec, 10 Houston (max points: 10)

Total points: 40

Though we’d gladly spend all of our time on our North America tours, getting to know our destinations better is the next best thing!