Fun awaits families that learn to wield a sword together


There are so many classic things to see in Rome it’s almost mind-boggling. The Pantheon, Vatican, Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and more. You can almost hear the Vespa scooters and taste the gelato now. But are you ready for the challenge of the most-Roman experience combining ancient culture and sport? Classic fun and unforgettable memories are in store for families engaging in gladiator training in Italy.

Step back in time about 2,000 years and get a firsthand look at the daily life of a gladiator (or female “gladiatrix”) and how they trained for the arena. Your kids likely won’t even notice the active learning about ancient Roman culture and customs as they get to see and touch the weapons and authentic gear used by elite Roman Legionnaires. Parents and kids alike can summon your inner Russell Crowe as you dress in the fighters’ traditional tunics, belts and leather gloves.

Gladiator training

Nothing levels the playing field like a new, shared challenge. During this two-hour lesson, well-trained experts will teach you and your kids together to wield a rudis, or wooden training sword, and some of the basic tactics and techniques of gladiatorial combat. Then let your imaginations take the reigns as you work together to fight off a wild tiger or spear-wielding warriors, bonding in a new meaning of “brotherhood.”

If you’re not sure you’re up for the challenge of wielding a sword — or maybe the thought of wearing that tunic is making you cringe — no problem. There is a comfortable viewing area to cheer on your favorite competitors. After all, it was a spectator sport back in the day, too.

Gladiator training school is sure to be among the most unique and fascinating adventures during your Italian vacation.

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