Recently, I was speaking with a first-time guest who is traveling with her husband to Peru on our Machu Picchu tour in October. During our conversation, she made a few telling comments that illustrate why a seasoned traveler—fully capable of traveling on her own—chooses to travel with us on our guided small group walking tours.

Travelers on Classic Journeys’ luxury walking tour in Peru stay at the 5-star Hotel Monasterio, a restored 16th-century monastery.

Hotel Monasterio

“We’ve traveled through Europe on our own when we were young and still want that feeling of really connecting with the culture”. Our guests who remember the independence and excitement of being immersed in a region just aren’t ready to give it up. They just want it at a higher level. Think 4- and 5-star boutique hotels like Hotel Monasterio in Cusco on our Peru and Machu Picchu tour instead of hostels…baggage handling by Classic Journeys instead of backpacking…and, instead of a Rough Guide or Fodor’s guidebook, the company of an expert local guide like Dominique on our Normandy tours.

“I hate being second-guessed by my husband about my planning.” This reminds me of one of my favorite travel stories from my good friends, Bonnie and Dennis. They were traveling independently (not on a guided tour) in Provence, with a rental car and Michelin Green Guide. Destination: Pont du Gard. They spent an afternoon with Dennis driving in circles while Bonnie looked for Pont du Gard signs and attempted to navigate the secondary roads with the Green Guide. Night fell before two seasoned travelers ever made it to the famed Roman aqueduct. What began as a happy adventure turned into a misadventure of second-guessing one another and lamenting the lost time. Happily, years later they not only saw, but walked on the Pont du Gard as part of our walking tour in Provence.

Pont du Gard

Enjoy a sunrise visit to Stonehenge before it opens to the public on Classic Journeys’ Cotswolds, Stonehenge & London walking tour.

“I want someone to take the stress out of travel. Do the research for me.” For us, the ultimate luxury on guided tours is feeling like you’re not a tourist at all. Our guides are expert at giving you the insight, the sense of belonging and a level of comfort that let you truly absorb your surroundings—without the cultural barriers that most tourists bump into. So accept an invitation into the home of famed ceramicist Pablo Seminario in Peru’s Sacred Valley. Or join our Cotswolds guide Wendy for a private sunrise visit to Stonehenge on our walking tours of England. You’ll enjoy a privileged level of access and total lack of stress.


If you’ve had enough of missing hotel reservations, getting lost in a rental car, or arriving at a museum on the day it’s closed, Classic Journeys guided luxury adventure tours assure you of the travel excitement you crave without the logistical hassles that can quickly ruin the best-planned vacation.

And to our guest, Nancy, who inspired this blog, don’t worry. Your husband won’t second-guess you for choosing Classic Journeys. It’s our goal to make your Peru and Machu Picchu tour exceptional.

For more details, drop us a line at or phone us at 800-200-3887 to speak with one of our award winning Guest Services team. They really can make your vacation exceptional.