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  • In honor of International Woman's Day, we're highlighting our female trip leaders from around the world! At the heart of every tour is your experienced local guide. From exploring glaciers in the Rockies with Rosemary to caravaning through the Sahara with Saida, these women are more than map-readers and spouters of statistics. They are colorful, caring personalities who are genuine and as sunny as they are sincere. As your cultural hosts, they will open doors and help you see their world through their eyes. So, let's introduce you to these amazing ladies and learn what they love about guiding tours on their home turf...

    "I have a degree in English Literature and originally wanted to be a journalist. I channeled my natural curiosity and outgoing personality into working extensively with the U.S. Embassy in Rabat, where I guided visiting U.S. senators and ambassadors around Morocco and even teamed up with Matt Lauer for an appearance on The Today Show. I love showing people how hospitable Moroccans and Arabs are and dispelling preconceived notions about other cultures." - Saida | Professional guide for 22 years
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    "I decided to become a guide as I believe in international communication on all levels. I believe the more we learn about each other`s culture in this world, the better we live side by side. I feel very privileged and humbled to present my country to travelers during their relatively short stay here. I have always liked traveling, and making an itinerary from A to Z, considering all the details en route, is really fun. One of my favorite moments is taking guests out on a glacier, which to some is a bit exciting and challenging, but they always end up with a great sensation of having mastered something slightly scary!" - Vibeke | Professional guide for 10 years
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    "San Sebastian, Spain, is everybody's favorite place. Tapas started here. We go bar hopping - to this bar because the pimientos are the best, that one for ham, the place around the corner where the shrimp are too delicious." - Frederique | Professional guide for 27 years
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    Lucette earned a degree in outdoor recreation before becoming a guide. Fearless, fun and deeply connected to all things Quebecois, she's just the right companion to find you a flock of 450 sheep—and a farmer who turn their milk into cheese. - Lucette | Professional guide for 25 years
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    "I was a ceramic artist for many years and my specialties were reptiles and the Grand Canyon, sculpted out of clay. I decided I needed to get out more! After observing the Southwest for so long, I enjoy helping others appreciate the reality of it. Six days in the three parks is a life changer for a lot of guests. The cultures and landscapes, the air, animals and food are all so different from 'home.' Doing things a little outside their normal comfort zones leaves an impression on people that really stays with them." - Marcia | Professional guide for 17 years
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    "A good traveler possesses curiosity in pursuit of new cultural horizons and respectfully exchanges opinions and experiences. I love taking my guests for a morning cappuccino in Budva, the Saturday market in Kotor, a visit to the monks in a lake monastery and a hike to Stoliv. When all the other guides take their guests to a side road restaurant in a village for sandwiches, I take my guests to a mosaic artist's house in the national park and show them traditional home-made cooking."  - Vesna | Professional guide for 10 years
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    "What is so ancient in Japan is always something new for my guests." Yumiko plans for lovely revelations, whether it's a tea ceremony or a woodland walk to Hakone Shrine. "Everyone recognizes the crimson tori gate in the lake!" - Yumiko | Professional guide for 19 years
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    "I have spent the last 15 years guiding throughout England and Wales, doing a job I absolutely love!  Food and drink are always one of the most important elements for any traveler, so whether Cornwall or Cotswolds, I really enjoy introducing guests to local produce and specialty foods that they may not have tried before... like cheese such as Stinking Bishop and Double Gloucester. Also, I like to give our guests wide-ranging dining experiences. From village pubs and traditional tea shops to picnicking at a scenic spot, to our farewell dinner in a more sophisticated setting such as Wormington Grange in Cotswolds and The Old Quay House in Fowey." - Diane | Professional guide for 15 years
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    "I'm a go-for-it guide who loves guests that are eager to have a good time. That would explain how one of my groups found themselves knee-deep in a vat of red grapes, wine stomping like Lucy and Ethel." - Susana | Professional guide for 8 years 
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    Born and raised in the Canadian Rockies, Rosemary is a native guide who loves sharing the wonders of Banff National Park with individuals and groups. | Profesional guide for 20 years
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