As we shelter in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus, video calling technology has become an important part of daily life, allowing us to stay sociable while social distancing.

From conference calls with colleagues to catch-ups with old class mates, we’re able to see people face to face, whether we’re thousands of miles apart or just down the road. 

But if you fancy a change of scenery, we’ve got something for you. Wouldn’t it be fun to swap your living room for a lighthouse, call your Aunt from Alberta or host your work stand-up by a waterfall?

Introducing our Zoom Canada travel backgrounds, which will let you travel virtually while staying at home. 
Virtual travel Zoom background Canada Rocky Mountains
Here’s how to change your background in Zoom: 

1. Right click on any of the images we’ve created, then select “Save As” and save the image to your desktop.

2. Once you’re video chatting in Zoom (make sure you’re using the most up-to-date version), select the small arrow to the right of the “Stop Video” button on the bottom control bar.

3. Select “Choose Virtual Background,” then click the “+” button, and upload the background image that you saved on your desktop. Un-check the “Mirror Video” button.

Voila! Bon voyage virtuel! (as they say in Quebec)
Virtual travel Zoom background Vancouver city skyline
Virtual travel Zoom background Quebec city street
Virtual travel Zoom background Canada lake forest
Virtual travel Zoom background Canada lake
Virtual travel Zoom background Nova Scotia lighthouse
Virtual travel Zoom background Canada waterfall rainbow
Virtual travel Zoom background Jasper National Park
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