Watching the sun’s first rays tint the Taj Mahal saffron and coral? Or walking with a goatherd on a quiet country lane. As we look back on India, we never can decide which was more memorable. India is fantastical—and we visit sumptuous palaces and temples for the photogenic proof. India is intensely human too, but visitors who only see the raucous cities miss the point. So we arrange one-of-a-kind countryside walks that introduce you to villagers and rural life… as well as descendants of royal families, sari–and turban–tying experts, and eminent naturalists. India is a rush of mind-bending contradictions. (Think: swaying on camelback in Pushkar.) Most of all, our beloved India is epic. And that’s where Classic Journeys comes in with a thoughtful, well-edited itinerary that handles the complex logistics and frees you to absorb an amazingly broad wealth of experiences.

Colorful hands during Holi Celebration
#1 Celebrate Holi
The Holi Festival is an ancient Hindu festival known as the festival of colors. It celebrates love and the beginning of spring!

Food in a Market
#2 Explore Delhi
Wander through New Delhi on a heritage walk past the Jamali Kamili Mosque, medieval palaces, and Bazaars. Later board a rickshaw to explore Old Delhi!

View of Taj Mahal at sunset
#3 Visit Agra Fort
Meet artisans who carve marble and inlay it with intricate designs using semiprecious stones. Then from the historical Agra Fort enjoy spectacular views of the Taj at sunset.

Taj Mahal
#4 Wander the Taj Mahal
The awe you’ll feel at the Taj Mahal is one of those moments you will never forget. 

Exterior of the Amber Fort
#5 Walk through Jaipur
Marvel at the sights of Amber Fort and enjoy a beautiful walk through the old city of Jaipur past the Palace of Winds and the bustling market stalls. 

Group with camels at sunset
#6 Ride camels from the Brahma Temple
The Brahma Temple dates back to the 14th century and is one of the city’s most important landmarks. Mount camels for a ride out to the perfect spot just in time for sunset.

View Pushkar at sunrise
#7 Watch the Pushkar Sunrise 
Take a morning walk up Ratnagiri hill to Savitri Temple in time for sunrise. The view from the top is a panoramic 360-degree view of the city, the lake, and the surrounding desert.

Exterior of Deogarh Mahal at night
#8 Stay in Deogarh
The city’s main landmark is Deogarh Mahal. It’s a 17th-century palace with domes and turrets that overlord the landscape… and it just happens to be our hotel.

Aerial view of Udaipur
#9 Get Lost in Udaipur
Udaipur is a glorious maze of winding lanes lined with tiny shops. Take our walking tour past Rajasthan’s most ornate mahals.

Group of young children at school
#10 Visit with the children at a local NGO
We’ pay a visit to Apna Jatan, a great example of how local NGO’s meet the social needs of India. It’s a non-formal education center that caters to school-age children who don’t attend regular school.

Tea fields in the Himalayas
#11 Darjeeling (Himalayas)
Enjoy incredible views along the edge of the Himalayas.  Ride on the “toy train” and enjoy a tea tasting, then walk across the Manjitar Suspension Bridge.

Tiger in a forest
#12 Ranthambore National Park
While staying at a hotel/hunting lodge, venture out on a safari into Ranthambore National Park, the world’s best-known tiger preserve. Other animals in the reserve include leopards, hyenas, jackals, marsh crocodiles, wild boar, bears, and several species of deer.

If you’d like to do all these activities, plus so much more, join a Classic Journeys Culture & Walking trip to India. You’ll have the trip of a lifetime!