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  • You have travel in your blood. And so, you know that the anticipation is a big part of the fun. With the announcement of Classic Journeys 2019 departure dates, you can begin dreaming now... and to help, we've rounded up the 10 most sought-after destinations in 2019. So the question is... where to next?

    #10 COSTA RICA 
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    Costa Rica blends adventure and nature like nowhere else. A quarter of the country is protected paradise for everything from anteaters to orchids. The best part is how easy and exciting it is. You don’t just look at the cloud forest canopy. You stroll through it on suspended bridges or glide through on a zip line. You can high-five a monkey from a kayak or slalom down a colorful tropical jungle river by raft. Click here to learn more. 

    #9 JAPAN 
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    Japan is a land where ancient tradition and modernity blend and blur into an unforgettable and utterly unique cultural experience. Our itinerary begins in the clamor of Tokyo, slips into the serene forest of Hakone in the shadow of Mount Fuji, and culminates in sophisticated, historic Kyoto. Click here to learn more. 

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    Three of America’s most spectacular—and coolest—national parks without a single are-we-there-yet moment? You can do it on our Family and Multisport trips to Bryce, Grand Canyon & Zion. We take care of all of the logistics. Mountain bikes? Check. Mule rides into Bryce Canyon? Check. Timing visits perfectly to canyon rims for sunset, hiking through waterfalls, and great inns with swimming pools? Absolutely!  Click here to learn more. 

    #7 NORWAY
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    There is no finer place to celebrate summer than the fjords of Norway. Whether you’re cruising the bright blue waters...walking on glaciers that carved the mind-boggling fjords...or exploring remote villages that cling to the shores, you will gain a wonderful sense of how climate and topography influence history, culture and daily life. Click here to learn more. 

    #6 PERU 
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    Machu Picchu is actually in a jungle. Travel by foot along the Inca Trail to the lost city, you approach from above. And the stupendous blocks of stone in its walls are so finely carved that you could barely slip a piece of paper between them. Believe us, Machu Picchu retains the ability to startle and inspire you no matter how many years you’ve thought about visiting. Plus you'll have leisurely exposure to the rest of the country as you're immersed into Peru's conquistador-tinged history, indestructible Inca architecture and spectacular geography. 

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    Florence, a decadent stay in a Chianti villa, and scenic walks among the seaside villages of the Cinque Terre. Italy doesn't get better than this! Click here to learn more. 

    #4 MOROCCO
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    Oasis walks, overnight in a luxury Sahara encampment, palace hotels, the exotic Medina of Fés and much more. It's an all-time guest favorite trip. Click here to learn more. 

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    Get a real feel for how it is to have giant tortoises and blue-footed boobies outside your back door. Naturalist-guides will lead you to extraordinary wildlife experiences, minus the flocks of tourists. You’ll have abundant chances to walk, kayak and snorkel up-close to marine iguanas, Galápagos penguins and other creatures found nowhere else on earth.

    #2 ICELAND
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    We love traveling to Iceland because it’s still a land of chaotic, supremely beautiful nature. Whether you’re marveling at an endless colony of cartoonish puffins or watching the clouds turn shades of sherbet at sunset, you’ll experience this place with remarkable intensity. Click here to learn more. 

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    Portugal also has more hours of sunshine a year than any other European country, perfect for exploring. So, we taste the country’s treasured port wines on walks in the mountainous vineyards where they’re born. On a glorious coastal trail, you’ll face the churning surf that Henry the Navigator conquered to explore Africa and the New World. And we’ll come face to face with the Portuguese people from salt-panners to winemakers. 


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