Nestled in the high alpine forests of the Himalayas, shrouded in mist from the picturesque Thimphu valley, and overlooking the stunning Wang Chu River, lies the enchanting Taj Tashi boutique hotel. With its alluring blend of Dzong architecture and modern luxury, Taj Tashi is a delightful retreat from which travelers can explore the fascinating culture, history, traditions, and natural beauty of Bhutan.

Bhutan Tigers Nest

A region brimming with fascinating mythology, stunning seclusion and a unique culture stemming from an ancient empire, there’s no question why the Kingdom of Bhutan is referred to as “The Last Shangri La on Earth.” That fact alone is a compelling reason why the region is making the top of travelers’ bucket lists. But that the official measure of the country’s well-being is Gross National Happiness only adds to its draw.

On our Bhutan walking tour, you’ll have the chance to experience the destination over seven activity-filled days, with multiple luxurious nights spent at the exceptional Taj Tashi. Boasting 66 guest rooms, two dining spaces, a tea lounge, a bar, and a five-star spa, all situated amidst the pristine natural setting of the Himalayas, the boutique Bhutan hotel serves as a spellbinding gateway into the region.

Bhutan prayer flags

With unique features like hand-painted Buddhist murals, luxurious marble bathrooms with heated floors, and sweeping views of verdant mountains, you’ll enjoy the utmost comfort in traditional Bhutanese style in your guest suite.

Deluxe room at Taj Tashi

Each space at Taj Tashi seeks to capture the essence of Bhutan, with each of its restaurants, tea lounge, and bar designed to reflect a different part of the vibrant Mahayana Buddhist culture.

Outdoor bonfire at Taj Tashi

For example, you can enjoy a cocktail at bar Ara, which takes its theme from the dramneyn, a Himalayan folk music instrument. Or, sip traditional and distinctive ‘salted butter tea’ at the tea lounge and relish fiery Bhutanese fare at The Thongsel restaurant, which sits adjacent to beautiful fountains, tapestries, prayer wheels and lush mountains.

Taj Tashi tea momos

You may seek some solitude and relaxation after your daily itinerary takes you to a 15th-century monastery or to a local school to learn how embroidery, woodcarving, and other arts and crafts preserve the country’s heritage. Cue: Jiva Spa. Nowhere else is there a more appropriate setting for an indulgent spa experience than within the otherworldly calm of the Himalayas.

Taj Tashi spa

Enjoy a range of holistic treatments, from Indian massage therapies to a traditional Bhutanese Bath. This one-of-a-kind bath ritual heats local river stones to a fire-hot temperature, which are then dropped into herb-infused bathwater. The impact causes the stones to burst and release essential minerals that, combined with the local herb Khempa, work magic on sore muscles and joints.

Your glamorous setting is further elevated by Bhutan’s legendary hospitality. Not only will you be ensconced in natural beauty and luxurious comfort at your Bhutan hotel, but you’ll be welcomed warmly by our local guide, introduced to friendly farmers, woodcarvers, yah-herders, and mask dancers throughout your Bhutan tour, and immersed completely in the serene Buddhist culture of this paradise on Earth.

Bhutan masked dancers

To book your tour and stay at Taj Tashi Bhutan hotel, make a reservation online or call 833.387.1210.