Latest Travel Updates & Re-book Your Future Travel Credit

Reserve your next Classic Journey within 60 days of your most recent one and save 5%.

We find that most of our guests fall into one of two categories. Those who like to relive the memories of their last vacation before they plan their next trip. And then there are those like the guest who recently told us, “I get a strange, funny feeling if I don’t have my next vacation planned almost as soon as I’m home from the last trip. I want to be looking forward to the next vacation!” 

If you’re like that fellow guest, why not plan your next trip with us while all the fun of your most recent Classic Journey is fresh in your mind? 

If you reserve another trip with us within 60 days after returning from any Classic Journey, we’ll reduce the base tour price of your next trip by five percent per person. These savings apply to you and any of your fellow travelers who are guests on both of the trips.

This Ambassador Club benefit is yours automatically as our thanks for traveling with Classic Journeys.

Here’s how to do it:
1. Reserve another Classic Journey to any of our destinations around the world any time within 60 days after the completion date of your most recent Classic Journey.
2. When you make your reservation, please mention this 'Let's Do It Again!' reward.
3. We’ll reduce your base tour price by five percent.

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Oh, those details...
Discounts cannot be combined with other offers and cannot be applied retroactively. Discounts do not apply to internal air. Discounts do not apply to river cruising tours. Discounts are applicable only on regularly scheduled departure dates that are listed on the Classic Journeys website or in our catalog. Percentage discounts are taken off the base tour price.