Adventure Cruising Luxury Tours

People in red jackets with Penguins.

Welcome to Adventure Cruising Taken to a Whole New Level.

On our river cruising, yacht and expedition ship adventures, you get the unpack-once ease of cruising… plus an exclusive collection of daily handcrafted culture and walking activities beyond anything your fellow passengers or typical cruise passengers could ever imagine.

An ocean view.

Embark on Truly Personalized Experiences in Every Port.

Your local Classic Journeys guide is with you throughout your cruise. Your super-well-connected guide handles all the logistics to whisk your small group of an average of just 10-12 guests away from the usual cruise-style excursions. Leaving the crowds behind, you walk in remote villages and on countryside trails. You meet the locals from olive oil makers to farmers to a Michelin-starred chef who invites you into his kitchen to cook at his side. Your cruise also includes onshore dining experiences at some of the region’s finest restaurants.

group of people in Austria by river and vineyards.

European River Cruising, Redefined.

If luxury floats your boat, you will be so happy! Your 5-star ship is among the newest generation plying Europe’s rivers. In your luxury cabin, expansive floor-to-ceiling windows reveal the world as it glides by. Of course, you have unlimited access to all of the ship’s fine amenities – gourmet restaurants concierge service, fitness facility, and spa. There’s a panoramic lounge as well as an open-air Sun Deck where you can settle into a chaise to take in the sights.

Interior of river cruiser cabin.

The Yachting Life is for You.

Imagine cruising the Mediterranean or Adriatic coast on a 100+ foot sailing yacht with your own fulltime crew and Classic Journeys guide. The yacht’s large foredecks are perfect for sunning; the covered afterdeck provides dining and lounging areas in addition to an inside lounge. Water temperatures average 75 to 80 degrees—and the water is crystal clear to depths of 30 feet or more! The yachts are authentic to the traditional sea-faring life along the coast, and offer an uncrowded, up-close view of the regions so that can explore on foot every day along the coast with your guide. Too expensive to do on your own, right? Not when you join one of our small group tours, as in Turkey, that feature several days where the yacht is your ‘hotel’.

Enjoyable Expedition Cruising

When you want to get to some of the most remote places in the world, sometimes an expedition ship is the only way to get there. The question used to be if it’s worthwhile to spend three weeks in a tiny bunk with a single porthole to see the solar eclipse in Antarctica or other such bucket list experiences. No more. And not when you travel with Classic Journeys and our carefully curated cruises on the most luxurious expedition ships afloat. So you can follow in the path of history’s greatest explorers in a manner they could only have dreamed; with every creature comfort on board, plus the opportunity to go ashore to spot lazing seals, kayak past waddles of penguins with just-hatched chicks, and zodiac with whales (humpbacks, orcas, fins, sperms, greys, even the elusive, enormous blue) as they feed in the waters around you.

People in red jackets with Penguins.