Chile: Easter Island, Atacama & Vineyards

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Chile is the place to be when you want to turn off the plugged-in chatter of every day and feel truly away from it all. This adventure takes you to the very brinks of civilization with a visit to the high Atacama Desert and then to Easter Island, where the gigantic stone effigies glare over the Pacific. In between, you’ll have a chance to explore urban Santiago and go wine tasting at a vineyard in the long shadows of the Andes. But never fear. Even in the wildest settings, you’ll settle into the finest luxury inns and hotels. Throughout, you’ll have the fulltime company of accomplished local guides who help you make sense of cultures and environments that couldn’t be farther from the norm. As your guide Andres likes to say, “Chile helps you feel what you’ve never felt, learn what you never knew, and have the time of your life, too!”

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Classic Journeys provides unbeatable access to experiences around the globe.”
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From your luxury hotel near San Pedro, you’ll explore the vast red desert’s natural and human history. With your expert local guide, you’ll visit a 12th century forest, meet a farm family, walk the streets of a 2,000-year-old village and catch sunset in the otherworldly Valley of the Moon. In a sod-roofed town, the local women will lay out a home-cooked lunch for you. At Los Flamencos National Reserve, you’ll spot flocks of flamingos tip-toeing in lagoons at the base of the snow-capped Andes.

For height, the skyscrapers of Santiago can’t begin to compete with the Andes. You’ll get a feel for this lively capital on a walk that ranges from the modern to the elaborate Spanish colonial architecture. The nearby Casablanca valley is one of the world’s finest wine-growing regions. At a family-owned vineyard, you’ll go for a beautiful walk, talk with the wine-makers and enjoy a tasting in their cellars. You’ll also visit Valparaiso, the colorful port city known as the “Pearl of the Pacific.”

The first miracle of Easter Island (Rapa Nui) is that the Polynesians in their fragile outriggers managed to find this volcanic dot in the Pacific Ocean more than a thousand years ago. You, of course, arrive by plane to marvel at the enigmatic moai sculptures that stand sentinel on the hills and beaches. From the comfort of sustainable resort, you’ll visit the 3,000,000-year-old volcano that gave birth to the island. You’ll watch the sun rise alongside the beachside rank of moai at Ahu Tongariki. On the slopes of Rano Raraku, you’ll walk amid the hundreds of statues, still standing in place where they were sculpted from the live rock…and then marvel at how one 80-ton sculpture was moved to the pink coral beach at Akahena. Your time on Easter Island draws to a close with a performance of traditional Rapa Nui music and dance.
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  • Starting Point:

    San Pedro de Atacama – 9:00 am – Lobby of Cumbres Hotel
  • Ending Point:

    Santiago – 9:25 pm – Santiago Airport (SCL)

Why Choose Classic Journeys

We believe in creating authentic connections by immersing you into the history and culture of a people and place. So we find the most well-connected local guides who share their relationships and knowledge with us. And with them, we handcraft walking tours in cinematic settings that allow you to see the world on foot and at eye level.

It's why Travel + Leisure magazine has named Classic Journeys as the #1 World's Best Tour Operator multiple times, and the editors of T+L say, "Classic Journeys provides unbeatable access to experiences around the globe." Here's what that access means for you every time you travel with us.

  • Experience the world on foot and at eye level. Each day, join your guide on the most cinematic footpaths in the region.
  • Exceptional full-time local guides who become your well-connected friend. Our amazing guides are with you throughout each day of the tour, share their lifelong connections as well as engaging anecdotes about the history and culture of the region.
  • Small groups that provide you unrivaled access. An average of fewer than 10 guests per departure means we can offer you special access to sites like Stonehenge so you experience the stone circle when it's closed to the general public, a guided visit to Zion Narrows that other companies cannot arrange because of larger group sizes, and vineyard walks with a count and countess in Tuscany.
  • Award-winning hotels are waiting for you at the end of every day. Luxuriate in the finest and most distinctive accommodations in the region you're exploring, including rainforest lodges, 16th century villas, and award-winning properties that show up on World's Best and Gold lists.
  • Eat like (and with) the locals. Food is a foolproof way into the hearts, homes and history of the places you visit with us. From gourmet picnics to coveted local restaurants, our meals offer you opportunities to explore native food traditions and fine dining.
  • Handcrafted itineraries with all activities included. With our long-term friendships, we know our walking tour regions more personally than anyone else. So you get thoughtfully curated itineraries that combine explorations of the villages, organic farms, archeological sites and the people who know them best.
  • Sustainable travel that supports the places you're visiting. We put our local currency into the pockets of the people who live where we travel. It's your guarantee that you'll have authentic, up-close experiences on your trip. Best of all, our person-to-person approach helps sustain their ways of life.


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Cumbres San Pedro de Atacama

Fringed in desert greenery, this contemporary property takes maximum advantage of the stunning desert and Andes views. The generous rooms are decorated in updated native style with timbered ceilings and expansive windows.

What’s Included

  • Award-winning boutique hotels that provide you unlimited access to the people and places, culture and history you came to experience
  • All breakfasts, 6 lunches and 4 dinners
  • Full-time experienced guide(s) who are with you throughout the trip and handle behind-the-scenes logistics
  • Admissions to scheduled events as noted in the detailed daily itinerary
  •  Gratuities for hotels, meals, and baggage
  • All land transportation during the trip

Above & Beyond Benefits

Invisible Check-In

  • When your group arrives, we whisk you and your bags to your room immediately. No waiting – no tipping.

Privileged Access Events

  • One-of-a-kind access to remarkable people, places and activities arranged just for you.

Perfect Pairings Dinners

  • A special dinner prepared by one of our favorite chefs with a procession of wines tailored to each course.

Wine on Us

  • In many regions, we uncork wonderful local wines at every dinner, compliments of Classic Journeys.