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Our Small Groups Offer You Huge Benefits
With an average of just 10-12 guests per departure, our groups are just the right size.

When you comparison-shop a range of tours, be sure you understand how big the crowd is likely to be because size does matter! On average, your Classic Journey will include just 10 – 12 like-minded guests. If you’ve ever trooped off of a motor coach with a big gaggle of other tourists, you know that traveling with a crowd doesn’t work. Our small groups open doors and assure you plenty of elbow room to enjoy the experience.

Our smaller groups assure you privileged access.
With such a small and unobtrusive footprint, our groups can slip into a village or down a country lane without making a ripple. In the Galápagos, that means you can walk up to giant land tortoises in their natural habitat instead of that visitors’ center where the cruise ship crowds have to go. In other destinations, the guests on our trips can:
-   Tag along with a Croatian truffle hunter
-   Sit down to lunch in a working shepherd’s hut in Sardinia
-   Step into Panamanian dugout canoes to visit a rainforest village
-   Visit small farms, olive presses, farmhouse kitchens, archaeological digs, and gardens that are privately owned or off-limited to large groups

You’ll fit into the finest inns and local restaurants.
Many of the most intimate inns and hotels in the world have just a dozen rooms or so. Larger groups can’t even consider them. Traveling with a smaller group means you can get into properties that just weren’t designed for the masses. Likewise, even minuscule local cafes and restaurants—the kind that the neighbors don’t usually share with tourists—open their arms to you for unforgettable meals that other travelers can only dream about.

You’ll be on a first-name basis with your guides… and their friends.
Our local guides are with you full time, even sharing meals with you and staying in the same inns. Because our groups are small, you have plenty of opportunities to interact with your guides as friendly traveling companions… and they have the time to get to know you. It’s a wonderful and all-too-rare luxury to feel so welcome and so much a part of the culture you are visiting.