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What makes Classic Journeys so different?
The real reasons why every Classic Journeys tour is the trip of a lifetime.

You travel for the escape. For the authentic immersion into a people and place. For the rare and memorable thrill of experiencing the world as you never have before or rarely have the chance to do. But every savvy traveler knows that beyond a poetic description of the Tuscan countryside or of swimming with Galápagos sea lions, what's "under the hood" of a trip can matter as much as the itinerary.

With Classic Journeys, you have access to decades invested in creating trips of a lifetime that are objectively different—and better—than those offered by other tour operators. Consider this your guide, to help you make sure that you’re comparing apples to apples when you consider a Classic Journey versus a trip from another company.

 Only Classic Journeys has been a Travel + Leisure World’s Best Tour Operator every year since 2004, and #1 in 2014 and 2019!

It’s an incredible record that means a lot to you. T+L’s World’s Best Awards are the result of voting by people who’ve actually traveled with the hundreds of tour operators in business today. Not one of those other companies has been rated as highly and as consistently as Classic Journeys, year in and year out. If you’re looking for a sign or third-party validation that Classic Journeys is the way to go, this is it.​

Luxurious Lodgings

When you shop for a trip, look at the accommodations. Ours include coveted properties that appear in “World’s Best” and “Gold List” rankings.

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Local Guides

Your guides are well-connected locals who are always at your side like well-connected friends.

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Amazing Cuisine

From Michelin-starred restaurants to lunch in a farmhouse kitchen, you’ll have a seat for the region’s signature dishes and dining experiences.

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Included Activities

Unlike cruise ships and other companies, you’ll never be surprised with add-on fees on your activities that include snorkeling to cooking lessons.

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Small Group Travel

With an average of just 10-12 guests, it’s a small footprint that guarantees you access that’s off-limits to larger groups.

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Premier Destinations

Whether you choose Europe, Asia, Africa or the Americas, you’ll have the authentic, personal experiences that every serious traveler craves.

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Unmatched Value

“Excellent value” and “unbeatable access” are two of the reasons that Travel + Leisure has consistently voted us a World’s Best Tour Operator.

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The Ambassador Club

Travel with us once and you’re in our guest loyalty program… with a suite of benefits that you can use immediately and as often as you like.

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Ready to Go?

You can depend on us to handcraft a walking, cultural, family, culinary or multisport trip of a lifetime for you.

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